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Clad in rose-orange bricks, Toulouse never ceases to nurture its reputation of a city where life is good. With a population of around 800,000, Toulouse is a student city (the 2nd largest in France), focused on innovation and advanced technologies. But the historic town centre, clustered around Place du Capitole, feels just like a large village that can be easily visited on foot. A city founded by the Romans, Toulouse and its atmosphere, both relaxed and dynamic, will quickly win you over. Everywhere you look, you'll appreciate the timeless charm of its streets, the refinement of its façades and its busy shopping streets.


Toulouse boasts a rich cultural heritage: monuments, private mansions, museums, ... Discover the town's highlights:

In Toulouse, you'll enjoy: 

  • Strolling along the quays of the River Garonne, a popular local haunt, from Pont Neuf to Place Saint-Pierre via Port de la Daurade.
  • A siesta on the grassy stretch of the Prairie des Filtres, on the left bank of the Garonne.
  • Living the Toulousaine life, as you immerse yourself in the city's iconic districts.
  • Exploring the narrow streets of the historic town centre to discover private Renaissance mansions, especially between Place des Carmes and Sainte-Étienne Cathedral.
  • Realising that “faire terrasse” (drinks on a terrace) is the locals' favourite sport (second to rugby, of course).

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