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Discover Rabastens

Rabastens is a true southern village with its plane tree-shaded square and picturesque market. It is set in an enviable location, between the River Tarn and the hilly slopes of the Gaillac AOP vineyards. The church is well worth a visit as it used to be an important stopover on the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago de Compostela. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Rabastens history is strongly linked to the crusade against the Cathars and the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela and, as such, boasts an interesting heritage.

In Rabastens, you'll enjoy: 

  • Admiring the view over the Tarn river from the Quai des remparts.

  • Comparing the opulent and finely-built houses of this winegrowing village.

  • Bathing in the Tarn river in the summer, on the natural beach at the foot of the Pont du Tarn.

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