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On the Occitanie Rail Tour

Discover Cerbère

Located on the border between France and Spain, Cerbère has had an international railway station since 1878! Were it not for the railway viaduct and its remarkable engineering, Cerbère would be no more than a small, isolated port town hemmed in between the mountains.

Nicely sheltered in a cove, the shale pebble beach is very pleasant. In the village, a mecca for scuba divers, the café terraces and pedestrian lanes feel like a foretaste of Spain.

In Cerbère, you'll enjoy:

  • Admiring the majestic liner-shaped hotel Le Belvédère du Rayon Vert (1932), a listed monument. Orson Welles and Michèle Morgan overnighted there.
  • At a terrace on the port or on Peyrefitte beach, enjoy a fideua (a type of paella with vermicelli, called fideos, in lieu of rice), fish tartar or plancha-grilled cuttlefish
  • Snorkeling along the underwater trail in the Banyuls-Cerbère nature reserve, with an FM snorkel and waterproof information sheets.
  • Boarding a sea kayak* to discover the treasures of the rich, unspoilt coastline.
  • If you are a licensed diver*, crossing paths with groupers, rays and barracudas as you explore the seabed.

*There are more than a dozen diving and kayaking service providers in Cerbère. See the “Activities” tab.

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