Lozère line La Bastide-Saint-Laurent – Marvejols

Randonnée en Occitanie - Lozère © Gelbar

A perfect itinerary for hiking 

Train © Région Occitanie / Boutonnet

The journey starts at the border between Ardèche and Lozère and heads towards the legendary land of Gévaudan, with ...

... a host of beautiful excursions through trails and famous itineraries such as Stevenson's trail. 

Randonnée en Occitanie - Lozère © Gelbart

So, make sure to take your hiking shoes, water flasks, sun hats and get ready ..

Mende - Lozère © Pixabay

... to plunge into unforgettable landscapes of powerful beauty with Mende and Marvejols as welcoming stopovers.

The Lozère line

La Bastide-St-Laurent-les-Bains - Marvejols 

  • Journey with stopovers: Up to 4 days.
  • Journey with stopover in Mende: 2 hours. Mende - Chanac - Marvejols connection by liO bus.
  • Best seats: On the right, forward-facing. 

Tips for travellers  

Randonnée Occitanie © Gelbart

In La Bastide Saint-Laurent: Take the hiking trail Le Cévenol and climb to the lovely Notre-Dame des Neiges abbey.  

Stopover in
Mende © Civodule

In Mende: In the summer, wander through the winding streets of the old town of Mende, then take a liO bus to Pont-de-Montvert to walk the Stevenson trail. 

Stopover in

In Marvejols: On Place des Cordeliers, experience a few shivers while admiring the statue of the Gévaudan Beast, the beast that haunted the region in the late 18th century.

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Occitanie Rail Tour lines with connection to the Lozère line

From La Bastide-Saint-Laurent :


Bus lines connected to the Lozère line

In Mende:

  • liO bus lines to Florac, Mount Lozère, La Garde-Guérin, Meyruès (Tarn Gorges), Nasbinals

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