Cévennes line Langogne – Nîmes

Train Occitanie - Ligne du Cévenol © P.Thébault / Région Occitanie

Cévennes: The great crossing  

Paysage de Lozère (Parc national des Cévennes)

Set off on an unforgettable journey through the wide open spaces of the Cévennes, from the rushing waters of the Allier river to the Mediterranean flavours of Nîmes. 

A legendary train line that was created in the 19th century where there were no roads!

Paysage de Lozère © Lezbroz / Lozère Tourisme

Deserted limestone plateaus, forests and deep valleys, as well as large lakes that glitter in the sun in summertime. 

VTT dans les Cévennes - Lozère © H.Leclair / Aspheries / Cigale Aventure

Swimming or paddle-boarding, hiking, cycling or visiting ancient monuments ... 

All within train's reach, and maybe you'll stay for the Nîmes Feria (bullfighting festival)?

The Cévennes line

Langogne - Nîmes 

  • Journey with stopovers: Up to 6 days.
  • Non-stop journey: 3 hours
  • On-board service: free bicycle transport.
  • Why choose to journey by train: -86% CO2 emissions. 

Tips for travellers  

In Langogne: Head to Naussac Lake, a hotspot of water sports or siesta, depending on your mood.

Stopover in

In Villefort: Go paddle-boarding on the second lake on the Cévennes line, Villefort lake.

Stopover in
Nîmes - La Maison Carrée © Ville de Nîmes / Olivier Maynard

In Nîmes: Experience the “Roman way of life” and visit the town's highlights (the arena, the Gallo-Roman Temple “Maison Carrée”, the Tour Magne, etc.) and live it up during the Feria.

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Occitanie Rail Tour lines connected to the Cévennes line

From Nîmes :


Bus lines with connection to the Mediterranean line

In Langogne

  • liO bus line to the European Buffalo Nature Reserve.

In Villefort

  • liO bus lines to Mende.

In Nîmes

  • liO bus lines to the Pont du Gard, Le Vigan, Uzès, Sommières, La Grande Motte. 

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