Tarn line Toulouse – Mazamet

Paysage du Tarn - Occitanie © JJ Delbart

A taste of nature 

Train liO Occitanie © Région Occitanie / S.Bensizerara

You've barely left Toulouse that the train already winds its way through the hills of the Pays de Cocagne, where woad was once farmed ...

Castres - Tarn © Olivier Octobre

... to take you to Castres, the city of Jean Jaurès, a little Venice on the River Tarn. 

Mazamet - Tarn © Loïs Moreno

The woody contours of the Montagne Noire, around Mazamet, are an invitation to escape into the wild. 

Mazamet © Entre 2 Pôles

This is a land of fresh air, nature, the ideal spot to relax ... 

Voie verte Passa Païs - Tarn/Hérault

... or to cycle on the Passa País green route through the Haut Languedoc. 

The Tarn line 

Toulouse – Mazamet

  • Journey with stopovers: Up to 4 days.
  • Non-stop journey: 1 hour 10 min.
  • On-board service: bicycles allowed.
  • Best seats: On the left, forward-facing.
  • Why choose to journey by train: -86% CO2 emissions. 

Tips for travellers  

Couvent des Jacobins - Toulouse © Ville de Toulouse / A.Spani

In Toulouse: Pick a few highlights to see in the pink city and visit everything on foot. In order: Saint-Sernin basilica, the Capitole, the Jacobins convent and the Hôtel d'Assézat.

Stopover in
Lavaur - Tarn © Tarn Tourisme / P.Walter

In Lavaur: Take the “Lavaur, cité cathare" walking trail (3 km) to explore this small Languedoc town, a former hub of the woad trade.  

Stopover in
Castres © Olivier Octobre

In Castres: 15 minutes from the station, get a taste of the charming old town centre and discover the banks of the River Agout, lined with pastel-coloured houses. 

Stopover in
Passerelle de Mazamet © Loïs Moreno

In Mazamet: Make sure to walk across the dizzyingly high Mazamet footpath, then start cycling on the Passa Païs (Mazamet - Bédarieux green route: 70 km).  

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Occitanie Rail Tour lines with connection to the Tarn line

From Toulouse :


Bus lines with connection to the Tarn line

From Mazamet :

  • liO bus line to Béziers and Valras-Plage (Mediterranean sea).

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