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Producteur de Fromage fermier pur brebis. Producteur de Fromage fermier pur brebis.

As transhumant shepherd cheesemakers, we raise our flock of sheep (Béarnaise breed) as naturally as possible, grass being their main diet.
We perpetuate ancestral practices where shepherds used to transhumance from the Pyrenees to the plains of Gascony. Every year, in winter, we take our ewes to our farm in the Gers where the climate is drier and more temperate; and in summer to the Pyrenees.
Our raw and whole milk cheeses are different time as they evolve according to a multitude of natural factors. Cheese making in our farm is manual and seasonal. Maturing is also done on the farm.
Our cheeses are on sale at our farm or in local grocery stores: Fourcès, Montréal, Mézin, Condom, Eauze… We are also present at the market of Barbotan-les-Thermes on Wednesday mornings.

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