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Smile kayak offers all summer long initiations as well as stand up paddle and kayak rentals in Béziers The departures are all from the Moulin Cordier (Plantade garden) A course called “monument course” makes us visit the monuments of Béziers along the Orb river We pass under the Cathedral, the Old Bridge, the Canal Bridge and see the church of Saint Jacques The second route takes us to the “nature” side, more than 5 kms to do before finding a bridge, the change of scenery is total with birds and other fishes.. The walks are possible in family or between friends, for groups on reservations preferably in the morning.

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Occitanie Rail Tour

A moins de 30 mn à pied de la gare de Beziers !
Environ 21 min (1774 m).

La meilleure desserte pour la gare BÉZIERS propose jusqu’à 29 A/R par jour entre 05:47:00 et 23:40:30.
Pour plus d’informations, allez sur FACIL’ITI