AURIMONT , Gers – Attività

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“Boucle Nature” challenges you to find 14 caches spread over the 9 km of the trail “En Jannet Carreau” starting in Aurimont.
The course is perfect for nature lovers who want to escape from their routine in a bucolic corner
while having fun.

The Coteaux Arrats Gimone Tourist Office and the Savès Tourist Office have worked together to create this geocaching hike in Aurimont and Saint-André villages.

Geocaching is a treasure hunt to be practiced alone, with family or friends using a GPS or a mobile app. This activity with puzzles to solve, clues to pick up and treasures to look for can be practiced 7/7 days and 365 days a year.
If you are ready to go looking for caches in hiker mode, you can pick up the game booklet from the tourist information offices of each Tourist Office (Gimont, Simorre, Lombez, Samatan) and obtain some additional information on Geocaching. and hiking!



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