Parc Parfum d’Aventure

GENERARGUES , Gard – Ausrüstung

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In the valley of Mialet, at the edge of the water, an eco-responsible park
for the whole family : accrobranche, net course, giant wooden games
giant wooden games, perched huts, vegetable garden, animals,
pirate ship…

Laurence & Sylvain Tirfort
Creators of Adventures
The Parfum d’Aventure Park, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, was born
of a gentle dreamer with a thousand projects and a nature lover.

As soon as the first leafy trees of the undergrowth are removed, the park
unveils itself as a great invitation to adventure. All these trees,
these immense poplars, these chestnut trees, these ash trees, these willows, these pines
pines and cherry trees, all reach out to you. Their high branches
branches whisper to climb, even higher and up to the canopy
! Listen, look, see these large trunks which make you stair,
follow the chaffinch, the jay and the citadel, jump, dare, discover the
the joys of vertigo and the heights of the forest, become travelers of
become travelers of the trees!
And you will not be alone. Certainly hidden, discreet, but
but there, the wild life accompanies you everywhere in the wood! Wherever you look
you will see traces of it. The forest of the park
is inhabited. Between the funny huts and the sinuous paths,
under the velvet of the ferns and in the thicket of the bushes, the
nature is there.
The Parfum d’Aventure Park is nestled in the Cévennes in a meander of the
Gardon, in the heart of the Mialet valley (35mn from Uzés, 20 mn from Alés
of Alés and 5mn from Anduze)

Sprachen : Englisch Französisch


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  • Von dimanche 1 septembre 2024 bis dimanche 20 octobre 2024
  • Von lundi 21 octobre 2024 bis dimanche 3 novembre 2024


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