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The Aven ARMAND chasm, discovered on the Causse Méjean in 1897 by Louis Armand and Edouard-Alfred Martel, is one of the most beautiful underground wonders. After descending by funicular, allowing the easiest access, let yourself be guided through the heart of a forest of more than 400 stalagmites, unique in the world, for an unforgettable journey to the center of the Earth. Passionate guides accompany you to the heart of this imaginary but very real world where jellyfish, turkey, vulture, palm tree, large organ, … and the largest stalagmite known to date appear in a cavity built at the top of its 30m. Magic, Emotions, Dreams will be at the rendezvous for this 1 hour trip to the center of the Earth.

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  • Von samedi 8 avril 2023 bis dimanche 9 juillet 2023
  • Von lundi 10 juillet 2023 bis dimanche 27 août 2023
  • Von lundi 28 août 2023 bis dimanche 5 novembre 2023


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