Mende, coeur de Lozère The great outdoors have a tale to tell

Mende ©Benoît Colomb Lozère Tourisme

Mende ©Benoît Colomb Lozère Tourisme

Mende ©Benoît Colomb Lozère Tourisme

Mende ©Benoît Colomb Lozère Tourisme

Parc des Loups du Gévaudan

Parc des loups du Gévaudan, Parc des loups du Gévaudan

Why visit mende?

  • Mende, capital of Gévaudan and incredible heritage.
  • Location in the heart of Lozère between Margeride, Aubrac, Causses and the Cévennes.
  • A Pays d’Art et d’Histoire: "Mende and Lot in Gévaudan"
  • The gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Causses and Cévennes.
Mende carte


Explore Mende

Start with Saint-Privat Cathedral founded by the region's very own Pope Urban V. Go up the 70m belltower with a guide from Mende Tourist Information: the views are incredible.

Seek out beautiful mansions nestled in the old town's lanes and squares: gaze at their fabulous doorways and stock up on the city's signature "croquants"(almond sablé biscuits).

Continue to the banks of the Lot and soak up Notre-Dame Bridge that has spanned the river since the Middle Ages. 

Cathédrale-Saint-Privat-Mende ©Thierry Bousquet – Lozère Tourisme

Cathédrale-Saint-Privat-Mende ©Thierry Bousquet – Lozère Tourisme

Great ideas for Cœur de Lozère Mende

Head to Mende in Cœur de Lozère, #GrandSiteOccitanie, to discover some top tips from Nadia, director of the Gévaudan museum.

Worth the detour

Fork onto the D25 in Mende to climb up the Causse's terrible "Jalabert Ascent", a tribute to the cycling champion. Here you'll find an aerodrome which starred in the final scene of French comedy La Grande Vadrouille.

Using Mende as a base

The world is your oyster

Mende is a prime destination for bike tourism and mountain cycling ranging from family-friendly to sporty.

You'll also love walking or horse riding on the hiking trails, motorcycling on the local roads or driving to visit Mende's nearby villages with character: Javols, Roman village; Marvejols, royal village on the edge of Aubrac; Châteauneuf de Randon, the fief of Du Guesclin, Chanac and its keep etc. 

Le lac de Charpal

Lac de Charpal en Lozère, G.DESCHAMPS

Don't miss

In early July, Mende turns into the regional street theatre capital with the 48ede Rue Festival attracting over 50 companies and an incredible amount of IN and OFF performances.

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4 areas to visit around Mende

Cévennes, Grands Causses, Aubrac, Margeride

Mende is at the core of everything that makes Lozère magical: its 4 natural regions. They each have their very own signature personalities and are partly listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites (the Causses and Cévennes). Step into the kingdom of the Cévennes National Park in the south. From the top of the Grands Causses, gaze at the Gorges du Tarn and Gorges de la Jonte. Aubrac in the north-west will make you feel like you're in Scotland. Explore the north-east's secret and unspoilt Margeride with its hills and heaths.

La cascade de Déroc

Cascade de Déroc en Lozère, G.DESCHAMPS

Did you know?

Lozère is also great for exploring by motorbike. For example, hit "Route 48" starting in Mende and taking you to the Cévennes, Gorges du Tarn, Aubrac, Margeride and more.

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Mende, capital of the Gévaudan

What's the time Mr. Wolf? It's time to meet me!

Was a mystical creature actually a big wolf? We haven't forgotten the tale of the Beast of Gévaudan that scared the whole of France in the 18th century.

Come to its native land and see the wolves living at the Loups du Gévaudan wildlife park in real life (and total safety) in Saint-Léger-de-Peyre (40 mins from Mende).

Combi ticket available with the fabulous Bisons d’Europe wildlife park in Sainte-Eulalie (1 hr from Mende): visit by carriage in summer and sled in winter.

Parc des Loups du Gévaudan

Parc des Loups du Gévaudan, Parc des loups du Gévaudan

Le Vallon du Villaret

Le Vallon du Villaret, parc de loisirs, Sud de France Développement

Vallon du Villaret

Play in a magical setting 

Head towards Bagnols-les-Bains then Vallon du Villaret 25 mins from Mende. Whether you're sporty or allergic to exercise, you're going to love this theme park. Rope bridges, mysterious caves to make music with balls, watery fun with slides... the attractions at this one-of-a-kind French sitewere designed by graphic artists, poets and musicians. Everyone loves this park in the middle of the forest at the bottom of an old keep. A train and taxi ride from Mende.

Our favourite

Charpal Lake in the Margeride uplands supplies pure water to the city of Mende 40 mins away. A 9km trail runs around it. It's the biggest no-kill fishing site in France. You can fish for pike among others here.

How to get there?

Mende is the capital of Lozère north east of Occitania

  • By car: Mende is 25km from junction 39 on the A75 linking Clermont-Ferrand to Béziers. The N106 links it to Nîmes (140km) and the A9 (Spain-Paris).
  • By train: Mende train station. Intercités trains from Paris (change in Clermont-Ferrand). TER train from Nîmes
  • By plane: Mende is 1.5 hrs from Rodez-Aveyron Airport and 2.5 hrs from Montpellier and Clermont-Ferrand Airports.

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