Rodez Feel the power

Le musée Soulages et la cathédrale

Le musée Soulages et la cathédrale, CRT Occitanie_Patrice THEBAULT

Rodez - Occitanie / D.Viet / CRTL Occitanie

Rodez, la Maison d'Armagnac, D.Viet / CRT Occitanie

Le musée Fenaille (staues-menhir)

Le musée Fenaille (staues-menhir), D.Viet / CRT Occitanie

Rodez et les monts du Rouergue

Rodez et les monts du Rouergue, D.Viet / CRT Occitanie

Why visit Rodez?

  • A one-of-a-kind museum: Soulages Museum.
  • Fenaille Museum and its collections of statues-menhirs.
  • A top Occitania site approved as a Pays d’Art et d’Histoire.
  • Estivada, the Occitan culture festival (July).
  • Leisure sites and lovely villages on the city's outskirts.


Visit the old town 

Ask for a map at Rodez Tourist Information, Place de la Cité, with the old town's route.
Follow the arrows... Admire the cathedral, the bishops' palace, the House of Armagnac. Stroll through the little streets with their many cafés and shops. Breathe in the pure invigorating air. Notice the unique features in the stone. And prepare to tickle your tastebuds. At the market on Wednesday and Saturday, in the lively brasseries and restaurants: sample farçous (chard pancakes), Aubrac beef and Aligot.

Le clocher de la cathédrale

Clocher de Rodez

Great ideas for Rodez

Explore the town of Rodez in Aveyron. This #GrandSiteOccitanie offers a blend of tradition, modernity and tranquillity. Itinerary recommended by Marion Clochard, architecture and heritage specialist.

Soulages museum

Step into the Outrenoir master's museum

The Soulages Museumunmissable! Pierre Soulages, one of the most famous French artists in the world, was born in 1919 in Rodez. He donated over 500 artworks to his hometown: paintings, lithographs, etchings, boxes of Conques stained glass and more.
The museum's contemporary artchitecture is an aesthetic emotion in itself. Its weathering steel armour wraps around Le Café Bras run by top chef Sébastien Bras. An unforgettable lunch break is on the menu !

Le musée Soulages

Le musée Soulages, CRT Occitanie_Patrice THEBAULT


The Fenaille Museum in the Hôtel Jouéry reveals the secrets of its strange statues-menhirs that date from 3000BC. A unique collection in France.

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Rodez cathedral

Go up the belltower !

A Gothic wonder completed in the early 16th century after 300 years of work. Make time to explore the stunning interior with its amazing stained-glass windows and impressive organ.
The best bit: the guided tour that enables you to go up the belltower. At 87m high, it's 20m higher than Notre-Dame de Paris. At the top you have 360° views of the surrounding countryside, Aubrac and the Lévézou peaks! Book the tour at Tourist Information.

Le clocher de la cathédrale de Rodez

Le clocher de la cathédrale de Rodez, D.Viet / CRT Occitanie


Rodez, D.Viet / CRT Occitanie


Rodez: a city to be admired up close and from afar

From a distance, Rodez seems to float above the rolling Roergue. As you get closer you can feel its power, strength, energy. It's no surprise that the Rutènes Gaul tribe that founded Rodez over 2000 years ago called it "Segodunum" meaning "victorious fortress"! Are you arriving at night? The city is even more beautiful when it's illuminated and its cathedral is restored to its former glory. 

Worth the detour

Explore the villages around Rodez. Onet-le-Château, Sainte-Radegonde, Le Monastère, Olemps: you'll see beautiful Rouergue houses, châteaus and local heritage.

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Rodez, Top Occitania Site

Rodez will introduce you to its opulent and well-preserved heritage, carved into stone, ochre sandstone and blue lauze bleutée. Its opulent charm contrasts with its contemporary architectural feats such as the Soulages Museum and other urban buildings. Rodez is the prefecture of the Aveyron department. There is a population of approximately 55,000 in the area

Video 3:02 © Grand Rodez 12.

How to get there?

Rodez is in the centre of the Occitania region and as close to Montpellier as it is to Toulouse.

  • By car: Rodez is easy to reach on the N88 (Toulouse/Lyon road) where there are countless dual carriageways. It takes 2 hrs from Toulouse on the A68 then the N88. It takes 2 hrs 10 mins from Montpellier on the A75 then the N88.
  • By plane: the city's local airport is Rodez-Aveyron Airport 10km from the centre.
  • By train: direct overnight Paris-Rodez train.

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