Occitanie Rail Tour, The Fabulous Voyage by train

Train lIO - Occitanie © Région Occitanie

A train journey

To explore Occitanie, as big as a country

Occitanie Sud de France is such a big, beautiful and diverse destination that it’s a constant invitation to go on trips, especially trips on the train. Every stop has its own treasures. From unusual discoveries to unexpected encounters, from unique experiences to social events, soak up the joy of sustainable and meaningful tourism. At the end of the road, Occitanie brings you great times of freedom and community that will take you to a higher plain.

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Occitanie Sud de France

Travel with Occitalité

The seasons set the pace here and you need to slow down to spot all the nuances in the landscapes, realise the extent of cultural gems and meet the passionate people who live here and make the destination what it is.

Lifestyle, community and hospitality aren't just buzzwords in Occitanie, we've even made up our own word to encompass our values: Occitalité!

Must-see stops

On the Occitanie Rail Tour

Sprawling countrysides with the Canal du Midi, Canal de la Robine and Rhône in Sète running through them; criss-crossed by the Ways of St James and peppered with churches, abbeys and little stone bridges; watered by stunning valleys made for canoeing and climbing.
Mountains that attract athletes, skiers and hikers to their year-round playgrounds alongside visitors who love lofty villages and hilltop châteaux.

Then there's the Mediterranean of course, Côte Vermeille and Sète coast along with lagoons and inland seas such as Thau, Leucate and Bages-Sigean; the perfect sea to unwind, sample fresh seafood in the ports, go diving, try water sports or meet the wildlife.

Occitanie Rail Tour - Gare en Occitanie © Mich Mich en vadrouille

Let's not forget the towns and cities!

As beautiful as they are bustling

Regional capitals, historical towns and cultural cities bursting with energy, beauty, hustle and bustle: pink Toulouse, the archbishop's Narbonne, holy Lourdes, scholarly Montpellier, Gascon Auch, Roman Nîmes and artistic Montauban.

That's Occitanie in a nutshell: a whole host of experiences that keep you coming back for more season after season. Snowshoeing on Mont Lozère, hiking in the Aubrac plateau, paragliding over the Millau Viaduct, cycling on the Canal du Midi towpath, scuba diving off the coast of Collioure, winery tastings at wineries and summer barge cruises on the Lot… All packed with social, exciting and fun-filled encounters.

The Occitanie Rail Tour

Station stops, attractions, hotels near the stations

There are so many sides to Occitanie: a sprawling region that reveals itself to visitors looking for meaning, honesty, simplicity and adrenalin with charming routes, unusual trips and family-friendly activities all in a spirit of goodwill and responsibility.

The Occitanie Sud de France destination gives you the chance to hop on board a 100% eco-friendly train ride.

With the Occitanie Rail Tour, you can be sure to save money, reduce your ecological footprint and experience slow tourism in a region the size of a country with something to do at every stop.

Paired with discounted rates for young people, the Occitanie Rail Tour is a great excuse to explore Occitanie.


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