CONAT , Pyrénées-Orientales – Patrimonio natural

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Habitat: Scots pine forest, pine forest, beech-fir forest; heath with ausetan broom, steppic lawn, rocky escarpments and calcareous scree. Arthropods: aethionem’s worm, proserpine, common zygene, cussenidus cedar, red-tail stenobothre, Saulcy’s cricket, Languedoc caloptene, Catalan antaxia, jagged magician, languedocian dolichopod, Conat’s ant, ant of Gredos mount. Vertebrates: isard, euryale rhinolophe, bearded vulture, red-billed crab, psammodrome algire. Flora: winged broom of Dauphine, shaggy columbine, Klein’s epipactis, muscari betic, sage with lavender leaves, remarkable campanula, ramondie of the Pyrenees, lavender of the Pyrenees, pesse of Pannonia, ondentite of the Cevennes, milleperthuis.

Idiomas : Francés