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Two towers’ doors, closed every night, ensured the security of the access to the main street. This former southern gate of the commune of Galan was added to the additional inventory of historical monuments by decree of 13 March 1946. This is the last monumental remnant of the walls of this commune. This unique preserved fortified tower-gate is a 6.20 x 5.50 m stone construction. It is equipped with a large vaulted charretière door, 2.40m wide and more than 3m high. There are crows in the upper part of the wall, near the vault. Another raven, centered above the portal, probably served as a support for a statue of a holy protector, as was customary. Upstairs, accessible by a narrow door and a staircase, was a dark room. The slate roof was installed in the modern era on reshaped walls. The door was preceded by a barbacan and a bridge disappeared.



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Place Louis Larrieu 65330 GALAN

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