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— CURRENTLY CLOSED –The Massey Museum, labeled “Musée de France” is located in the heart of a “remarkable” garden. This former Moorish-style residence with an observation tower overlooking the Pyrenees, offers the public a modern museum of Art and History.ACCESS FROM THE MASSEY GARDEN, RUE ACHILLLE JUBINAL TO THE NORTH.
A COLLECTION OF BEAUTIFUL ARTS, THEMATIC COURSE BY GENDER OF EUROPEAN PAINTING FROM THE 15th TO THE 20th CENTURYA regularly renewed museography presents a selection of the most outstanding works…Thus you will discover the Christ with the links of Pontormo representing the Italian school of the 16th century, the Judgement of Paris by Frans Floris for the mannerist movement in Flanders in the 16th century, Jesus chasing the merchants out of the temple of J.G Platzer for the Austrian baroque painting, etc…NOTE also throughout the year:- guided tours of the museum- children’s workshops (free visit and animation on reservation)- meetings around selected works, etc…
A UNIQUE COLLECTION, WITNESSING THE INTERNATIONAL HISTORY OF HUSSARSWith 17,000 objects, the collection offers an overview of one of the most unusual and attractive military “phenomena”, still today linked to a certain imaginary world.The museographic journey, made up of historical sequences, invites the visitor to go back in chronological order through the history of the Hussars in France and throughout the world and to discover the uniforms, reflections of past fashions, at the origin of the influence of these soldiers for more than four centuries.
It is a spectacular set of 130 mannequins that is presented, alternating complete uniforms, busts, pieces of clothing or equipment of incredible richness and diversity from the 17th century to the progressive standardization in the 20th century.Numerous tools are available to help you visit the site, allowing you to restore objects, weapons and uniforms in their context. In this way, the collections and history become accessible and comprehensible to the greatest number of people and each visitor can become an actor of his visit. Traduction automatique par DeepL via DATAtourisme

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A moins de 10 mn à pieds de la gare de Tarbes !
La meilleure desserte vers cette destination propose 22 trains par jour entre 08:24:00 et 19:38:00

A moins de 10 min de l’arrêt de bus de TARBES – EDF Arsenal !


Rue Achille Jubinal 65000 TARBES

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+33 5 62 44 36 95


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