IBOS , Hautes-Pyrénées – Patrimonio cultural

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The stone ship dominates the plain. The Collegiate Church of Ibos stands out from the plain due to its volume, architecture and height, and our eyes immediately converge on this calling point, this “lighthouse” that acts as a landmark, testimony to a past where the church used to be the focal point of village life.The Collegiate Church of Ibos does not go unnoticed with its air of a fortified dungeon. It is part of the landscape, but it is relatively little visited and its history is not well known.
“Tomorrow, the Collegiate Church of Ibos”, an association for the knowledge and valorisation of the Collegiate Church, wishes to build a future for this building with a rich past and make it a place of sociability like the churches were in the Middle Ages. Traduction automatique par DeepL via DATAtourisme

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