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Dedicated to Saint Lucy, it is of medieval origin and was rebuilt in the 19th centuryWe know that the first parish priest was appointed in 1280. And that in 1342, the parish of Ost (army) was placed under the jurisdiction of the archpriest of Salles, with all the parishes of the Bat-Surguère valley.In 1846, the village was attached to Ayzac and in 1921, Mr. and Mrs. de Lavedan de Cazaubon of the family of the lords of the place, returning from Argentina, restored the church and gave it the altar and the white marble tabernacle. The building and the interior with its painting of the Crucifixion were renovated in 2010.In 1668, the traditional wall-belfry in the Lavedan region was replaced by a tower-belfry with four walls, more solid to receive bells.Inside, the ceiling is made of a star-shaped vault. The choir, separated from the nave by a wooden baluster, is dominated by a 17th century painting (1651) representing Christ on Golgotha. He is surrounded by four figures: the Virgin in red dress (passion), and blue cloak (virginity), at his side St John, Jesus’ favourite apostle, in green (hope), Mary Magdalene, at the foot of the cross, in yellow (light) and St Lucy, on the right, who seems to be presenting herself out of the scene, carrying, full of sorrow, her eyes on a tray and in the other hand her martyrdom palm. This painting was restored in 2010 by Martine BRETHES.The stoup, made of local stone, is supported by a pear-shaped base which seems to be oversized in relation to the basin.The baptismal font is covered by a double door cupboard with prismatic panels and a conical top.The three-sided confessional, whose main room, that of the priest, is closed by a door with a parallel spindle decoration and radiating at the top.Sources: www.patrimoines-lourdes-gavarnie.fr Traduction automatique par DeepL via DATAtourisme

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Avenue des PyrénéesOst 65400 AYZAC OST

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+33 (0)5 62 97 26 04


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