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This church stands at the top of the village: it was already mentioned in the 14th century. Its initial structure has been altered over the centuries. It has been listed in the supplementary inventory of historical monuments since 1979Nowadays, the exterior is presented as a main building to which was added, during the 16th century, probably in replacement of a bell tower wall, a square tower. This tower has several levels: the last one is open with five large bays designed to receive bells and, on the lower levels, with pointed arches, two small openings and a low door. In front of this tower and closing the access to the cemetery, stands a large portal, covered with a roof on which are placed heavy stones to protect it. In the 17th century, a side chapel was built on the right side in execution of a vow made during the plague of 1660. In 1845, after the merging of the communes of Esquièze and Sère, the church was enlarged by lengthening the nave, and then, around 1862, by a second side chapel built at the same time as the first one was widenedInside, the church is characterized by a high nave with two galleries and two side chapels. The choir impresses with an imposing altarpiece, as it occupies all three levels. The figures and numerous decorative elements are painted or gilded. In the centre of the altarpiece, the statue of St Nicholas is surrounded by two young girls, a reminder of his legend, and two strong apostles. At the top, in a cartouche, appears God the Father, an old man with a white beard in the middle of cherubs flying in the clouds. A second altarpiece can be seen opposite the entrance door: this work represents a scene evoking “the souls in purgatory”, a very realistic and suggestive theme, also treated with golden sculptures. The two altarpieces in the church can be dated to the middle of the 18th century: they are attributed to a cabinetmaker and sculptor from Lourdes, Jean CLAVERIE (1710 – 1804)Finally, there are two classified paintings: a crucifixion in the Spanish style, the date of which is uncertain but which seems to date back several centuries, and a baptism, a copy of a 19th century work.The church is open every day in July and August, and on request the rest of the year.Sources : Seven Valleys Study Society – Mr Henri LAFFONT Traduction automatique par DeepL via DATAtourisme

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