GRUST , Hautes-Pyrénées – Patrimonio cultural

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This Romanesque church built on a terrace has a bell tower-wall with two arches. It has a family resemblance with the one in Sazos. Dedicated to Saint Martin, it underwent many transformations in the 18th century. Under the important canopy of 1731, the small staircase on the right gives access to the tribune. The 73 cm chrism on the tympanum is curiously framed by two bulls surmounted by arabesques, they look like winged bullsAt the back of the church, there is a small promontory with a view over the valley. A recent fountain, whose source is under the wall of the chevet of the church, decorates the small square. I even believe that the positioning of the church was chosen to Christianize this spring, object of pagan cultsInside, the tabernacle bears on a cartouche, under the door, the date 1717. And on the back of the door is mentioned “Monsieur Soustre présentement Campan.” It is thus one of the many tabernacles executed by the Soustre workshops of Asté in Toy Country. On the right panel, not visible here, is represented the martyrdom of Saint John the Baptist beheaded. The angel, above, brandishes the palm of martyrdom. On the left panel, Salome is waiting for John’s head. A slave places it on a trayOn the door of the tabernacle, Jesus on the cross, on his right, Mary, on his left, John. Above, the bust of God the Father emerging from the clouds, framed by three angels’ heads. The only reference to the patron saint is in a statue on the left, representing a bishop with his mitre. He faces St. John the Baptist dressed in animal skinThe ceiling is panelled with rough ogee-shaped boards. Take advantage of your visit to admire the beautiful gothic window behind the village café.Sources : www.patrimoines-lourdes-gavarnie.fr Traduction automatique par DeepL via DATAtourisme

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