BUN , Hautes-Pyrénées – Patrimonio cultural

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The church of Saint-Martin, recent (1903-1904), is situated opposite the site of the 13th century Romanesque church, but has kept the old high altar of the previous church and the tabernacle (17th century). For centuries and until the Revolution, it was administered by the abbey of Saint-Savin. When it became dilapidated, its reconstruction was deemed necessary. While waiting for the new church, the ceremonies were held in a barn (Lacaze barn). A state grant, a credit and the voluntary work of the parishioners were necessary to build it. The work was supervised by the parish priest LOUSTEAU (1899-1932) who was at the origin of the project. During the Revolution, the five bells were taken down and two buried. After the revolutionary turmoil, only one was found, it dates from 1552 and once again adorns the bell tower with two others (1893 and 1965). The second bell has never been found. An explanatory sheet is in the entrance.Inside, the tabernacle attributed to Jean BRUNELO (end of XVIIth century) is composed of the tabernacle itself, framed by twisted columns and by two statuettes: Saint Peter on the left and Saint Paul on the right. In the central part, it represents the Christ of Good Friday (Ecce Homo), bound at the wrists and crowned with thorns, bordered on the right by a panel representing the scene of the Annunciation and on the left by that of the birth of JesusIn 2004, the rehabilitation of the presbytery, on the right side of the church, allowed the rediscovery of gothic openings, including a window with a column, with a decoration that evokes one of the seals of the Templar Order (Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem), according to the craftsman Jean-Marie PRAT.Sources : www.patrimoines-lourdes-gavarnie.fr Traduction automatique par DeepL via DATAtourisme