VIGER , Hautes-Pyrénées – Patrimonio cultural

Acerca de nosotros

In the church of Saint-Martin, opposite the altar, there are a few rare Romanesque elements, including, to the right of the choir, a carved pillar base that could represent lust: a man of inordinate sex topped by two snakes mating. To his right, a second figure dressed in a loincloth (Eve?) with two birds above. This sculpture is strangely reminiscent of the sculpture in the church of Segus. The lintel of the sacristy door bears the date 1656. The cherry wood altar is the work of contemporary artist Albert Abadie. For the key see Monsieur Joseph, the person in charge of the bells, after the town hall, first grey gate on the right. Traduction automatique par DeepL via DATAtourisme

A moins de 40 min de l’arrêt de bus de LUGAGNAN – Pont Neuf !