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In the 16th century, the entire population of the commune lived on the right bank of the river Baïse, along the road leading up to Puydarrieux. Its defence was an oppidum at the top of the Wall. There was also a hermitage to the south, almost in the woods. Here was the church and the cemetery. After some time a plague epidemic took a lot of damage. The survivors became frightened and went to live on the left bank of the river Baïse. This part of the territory was gradually abandoned and in the 18th century the church fell into ruinsFather Dupuy became parish priest and before leaving for Cizos in 1859 he made the following vow: “May a generous person one day raise a statue in St Lizier on this square to which so many beautiful and pious memories are attached”Around 1868, the Town Council sold the land which was transformed into a meadow and a courtyard, but reserved the right to plant a cross on itAbbot Dorémus became parish priest in 1911 and decided to build the chapel, which was completed in 1913. Mass was celebrated on Fridays. In the last days, there was still a procession once a year in September. Father Dorémus left for his new assignment at Castelbajac and in 1936 he gave the chapel to the diocesan worksIn the eighties, an envoy from the bishopric came to propose the sale to the commune for the symbolic franc. This was accepted by the Town Council and in return the Town Council decided to restore it. The restoration has enriched the communal heritage and prolonged the memory of our ancestors for some time to comeThe building, inaugurated in 1998, is dedicated to Saint Lizier, invoked for the cure of incurable and contagious diseases and the protection of the children he was particularly fond of. Traduction automatique par DeepL via DATAtourisme



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