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VTT sur le plateau de l'Aubrac

VTT sur le plateau de l'Aubrac

Aubrac GR St. jacques de Compostelle

Aubrac GR St. jacques de Compostelle, Régis Domergue

Buron de Cap Combattut - Lac de Saint-Andéol

Buron de Cap Combattut - Lac de Saint-Andéol

Welcome to our dear Aubrac! This high volcanic plateau is part of the Massif Central. It spreads across Aveyron, Lozère and Cantal. Its highest peak is the Signal de Mailhebiau (1,469 m). 

What to do in Aubrac? Walking, hiking, mountain-biking, horse-riding, visiting villages, cutlery-makers, castles, skiing and snowshoeing in winter, …

Aubrac, carto

Aubrac, carto


Heritage treasures

Along the GR65, the Puy trail, admire the pilgrims bridge at Saint-Chély-d'Aubrac, the Romanesque church in Nasbinals and the Order of Aubrac monastery and hospital (12th century). 

Stop off in Aubrac village at the Maison de l'Aubrac which exhibits the region's rich heritage and also organizes exhibitions and hiking tours.

Then move on to Laguiole village, home of the legendary knife. Head off from the Place du Foirail, adorned with an emblematic bronze bull, and climb the hill up to the church for a breathtaking vista. And, don't forget to visit the Jeune Montagne Cooperative where Laguiole cheese is made.



Laguiole, D.Viet

Did you know?

In 2018 was born the Regional Natural Park of Aubrac, the 7th of Occitanie. A formidable guarantee for the preservation of landscapes, resources and unique know-how which you will discover amazed between AveyronLozère and Cantal.

Every season delights

A kingdom for nature lovers

In spring and summer with over 600 km of marked trails and 3 Grandes Randonnées itineraries (long-distance trails), Aubrac is a paradise for walkers, mountain-bikers and horse-riders.

The summertime programme is enriched with aligot (cheesy mash potato) tasting sessions held inside burons (shepherds' huts) set on mountain pastures and, of course, rounds of quilles de huit (8-pin bowling), a traditional Aveyron game. During autumn, guides will take you to hear deers and stags bellowing in the forest. 

And, in wintertime? Enjoy Nordic skiing, tobogganing, snowshoeing anddog-sled or horse-sled outings, in the Aubrac Sud Lozère Bonnecombe, Laguiole and Brameloup ski resorts.

Randonnée en Aubrac

Randonnée en Aubrac, G.DESCHAMPS

Worth the detour

"Les Traces du fromage" (Cheese Route): this is a great festive and friendly hike organized in March, on foot or on skis, to explore the region, its local gastronomy and to meet breeders and farmers. 

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Holy cow!

Meet the star of the show on its plateau 

With its lyre-shaped horns and black-ringed eyes, the Aubrac breed of cattlereigns supreme in a typical landscape, between burons which were used to make cheese and drailles, transhumance routes lined with low stone walls.

The Aubrac cow produces milk used for making Laguiole PDO cheese. It is also part of an excellent meat tradition, reputed across the country, even in Paris, in particular for the Red Label Aubrac Domestic Beef.

Vache de race Aubrac

Vache de race Aubrac, J.Theron

Don't miss

The Aubrac Transhumance Festival, a weekend of unforgettable activities for all the family. Around 25 May, watch the parade of cattle adorned with flowers heading off to their summer pastures. 


Flowers & plants

Discover an extraordinary garden

As the month of May sets in, the luxuriant green grass of Aubrac's pastures explodes with blossoming narcissus, daffodils, tulips and a myriad of other flowers. 1,000 species have been identified on Aubrac's pastures: a unique treasure in Europe. Sébastien Bras, at the helm of his gastronomic restaurant in Laguiole, draws his inspiration there for his unforgettable recipes.

In the Aubrac Botanical Garden, you will discover Aubrac tea, drosera, Ligularia sibirica, as well as the gentian used for making an aperitif liqueur. 

Jonquilles sur le plateau de l'Aubrac

Jonquilles sur le plateau de l'Aubrac, M.Seguret

Le lac de Saint Andéol

Le lac de Saint Andéol, J.Theron

Refreshing excursions

Dazzling lakes, trout rivers, wild watercourses (the boraldes) rush towards the Gorges du Bès, the Gorges du Lot and the Gorges de la Truyère: Aubrac is a mighty water tower.

Follow the D 52 to admire these 4 jewels: the glacial lakes of Salhiens, Souveyrols, Bornand Saint-Andéol, definitely the most exquisite of all.

A must-stop at the Déroc waterfall, close to Nasbinals: one of the most incredible natural sites in Lozère Aubrac, accessible by foot in 15 min from the road (D52).


Top tip

After a wonderful walk through Aubrac, relax in the hop thermal spring waters at La Chaldette, designed by the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte along the Bès torrent. A magnificent site.

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Aubrac: what marvellous power of attraction

Ah … Aubrac! Its intense light, its amazing cows, its burons, its aligot …

And... its never-ending scenescapes where you imagine you're somewhere in the middle of Mongolia or in the Scottish Highlands. Aubrac is exotic because it is unlike any other landscapes in France.Once you've discovered it, you'll want to come back over and over again.

Video 3:03 © Lozère Tourisme.

How to get there?

  • By car: by the A75 motorway from Paris, Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon and Montpellier. By the A68 motorway, then the N88 from Toulouse via Rodez.
  • By train: from Rodez station.
  • By plane: from Rodez-Marcillac, Montpellier Méditerranée, Clermont Ferrand-Auvergne and Toulouse-Blagnac airports.

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