A family day out to
Pont du Gard

Le Pont du Gard

Le Pont du Gard, © Gard Tourisme

Mise en lumière du Pont du Gard

Mise en lumière du Pont du Gard, © Yann de Fareins

Canoë sur le Gardon

Canoë sur le Gardon, © Gard Tourisme

Musée du Pont du Gard

Musée du Pont du Gard, © J.L. Mabit

Cartographie Pont du Gard


  • Pass Aqueduc (entry pass + guided visit to the water supply system).
  • Adult price: €11.50 per person.
  • Reduced price: €9 per person.
  • Child price (6 to17): €6 per person. Free under 6



  • One of the marvels of Antiquity!
  • Listed among the Unesco World Heritage sites
  • Listed as a "Grand Site de France®"
  • At the heart of the Gorges du Gardon Biosphere Reserve

the best period

Spring, Summer, and Autumn


1 day

I always take the opportunity when I'm on holiday to explore some of the unmissable sites of the Gard Département with my family or friends! You don't always have to go a long way to be amazed. Today I'm heading to the Pont du Gard, my favourite place to spend a family day together!


Recommandé par Martine

de Gard Tourisme

Our encounter with the Pont du Gard!

Off we go, on our way to explore an architectural masterpiece from antiquity : the Pont du Gard ! The children are beside themselves with excitement! We've hardly parked the car in the big on-site car park when they're running off towards the ticket office !

After finding out about the different possibilities for the visit, we opt for the "Pass Aqueduc", including not only access to all the cultural areas of the site, but also a guided visit to the water supply system, at the top of the Pont du Gard. We arrange to meet the guide at 11.00am!

After a few minutes' walk, the moment arrives at last! Here we are, right next to the 2000-year-old aqueduct! At 49 metres high, it is the highest bridge that the Romans ever built. Magnificent and magical!

Le Pont du Gard

Le Pont du Gard, © Gard Tourisme

At the heart of the Pont du Gard water supply system

11.00am – time to get a bit higher! The guide joins us on the right bank, at the entrance to the water supply system. The grille is unlocked before the impatient eyes of our children, and then we can get to the 3rd level of the Pont and see the ancient aqueduct from the inside!
We are 48 metres up in the air, overlooking the valley of the River Gardon.
Definitely time for a photo! The guide is really interesting, and explains the aqueduct's history to us. It was built by the Romans in 50AD, meaning that water could be brought from the source of the River Eure near Uzès to the town of Nîmes, to supply fountains, baths, gardens and private houses, and so on.   

Traversée de la canalisation

Traversée de la canalisation, © Yann de Fareins

Le Pont du Gard

Le Pont du Gard, ©A. Colombaud

Did you know ?

Along an average slope of 25cm per kilometre, among the gentlest ever created at that time, the aqueduct brought 30,000 to 40,000 m³ of running water each day from a spring near Uzès over a distance of 50 kilometres to Nîmes.

A dive into history in the Pont du Gard Museum

Once the guided tour finishes, we go back and carry on visiting the museum area, on our own this time

As we walk around the themed area laid out for us, there is a wealth of information that we can investigate at our own pace. 

It's a real dive into history: lights, sounds, models, visual presentations and other exhibits create a timeless atmosphere. The most impressive thing, though, is the life-size reconstruction of the building site. Coming face to face with these enormous rocks lifted using wooden scaffolding and looking at the techniques used with tools from the period really makes you realise the enormous expertise of these men, who built it in just 5 years! It still surprises specialists today!

Le Musée

Le Musée, © J.L. Mabit


"One of the French monuments you have to see at least once in your life.Besvergotenard's opinion on Tripadvisor.

Espace Ludo du Pont du Gard - Gard

Espace Ludo du Pont du Gard © ADT Gard

Fun break

Once we'd found out everything we wanted to in the Museum, we went on to the Espace Ludo, the big games area for children aged 5 to 12!

The children dressed up as a vegetable seller, a Gallo-Roman schoolboy, or an archaeologist, and found out about life and everyday objects from Roman times. Through the numerous interactive exhibits, they learned how to tame the water, and understood the difficulties that arose in designing and building a hydraulic construction like an aqueduct

Picnic in the heart of the Mémoires de Garrigue open-air display

2.00pm: time to find a nice, shady spot to set up the picnic. We head towards Mémoires de Garrigue, a 15-hectare site with olive trees, vines and dry-stone walls, typical features of the regional landscape... We'll enjoy the lovely scents of the heathland...

Une expo à ciel ouvert

Une expo à ciel ouvert, © Pont du Gard

Mémoires de Garrigue

Une expo à ciel ouvert, © Pont du Gard

Our favourite

Every evening in summer, as night falls, the monument is bathed in light, offering visitors a moment for contemplation. It uses perspectives and colours to bring out the beauty of the stone giant's architecture.

A masterpiece of ancient architecture

The Pont du Gard Aqueduct is one of the finest Roman constructions in the region. A grand monument in an exceptional natural setting!    

Swimming at the foot of the Pont du Gard

3.30pm Time for a cool break! On to the banks of the River Gardon!

On the program : swimming and diving in exceptional surroundings, at the foot of the imposing stone structure! An unforgettable time!

Baignade aux pieds du Pont du Gard

Baignade aux pieds du Pont du Gard, © Yann de Fareins

Baignade dans le Gardon

Baignade dans le Gardon, © Vanessa Derand

Don't miss

Hire a canoe to go and explore the Gardon Gorges before going under the monumental Pont du Gard! Exceptional routes in the protected part of the Gardon Gorges site.

Find out more

Everyone off to Haribo!

End of the day: so, the cherry on the cake – to finish off the day, we suggest to the children that we stop on the way back to go to the Haribo Sweets Museum which is nearby! General euphoria!

Le Musée du Bonbon Haribo

Le Musée du Bonbon Haribo, © Gard Tourisme

Our suggestions


The Pont du Gard is 27km from Nîmes and 21km from Avignon.


  • By car : A9 motorway, Exit 23 at Remoulins towards Uzès, then follow signs to the right bank or left bank.
  • By train : TGV (high-speed train) to stations in Nîmes and Avignon then bus links. The journey from Paris to Nîmes by TGV takes 2 hrs 50 mins.
  • By bus : A15 service leaving from Avignon and Alès; B21 service leaving from Nîmes

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