Pays Catalan line, Perpignan – Villefranche-de-Conflent

Village d'Eus - Pyrénées catalanes © CRTL Occitanie

Pays Catalan line Perpignan – Villefranche-de-Conflent PerpignanIlle-sur-TêtPradesVillefranche-de-Conflent A trip through a sunny land with unique character  The train will take you to the heart of French Catalonia, a land with a proud soul and sumptuous landscapes. Apricot, peach and cherry orchards of the Roussillon region set the scene for some geological wonders unlike any other […]

Yellow Train line, Villefranche-de-Conflent – Latour de Carol

Train Jaune (Yellow train) © Office de Tourisme de Font Romeu

Yellow Train line Villefranche-de-Conflent – Latour de Carol Villefranche-de-ConflentThuès-CarançaMont-LouisFont-RomeuLatour de Carol Train Jaune (Yellow train) © Office de Tourisme de Font Romeu A journey on board the mythical “Canary” The Yellow Train, a train like no other on a line like no other, will take you on a vertiginous journey to the heights of the […]

Lot and Dordogne line, Toulouse – Brive Dordogne Valley

Cahors - Pont Valentré © CRTL Occitanie / P.Thébault

Lot and Dordogne line Toulouse – Brive Dordogne Valley ToulouseMontaubanCahorsSouillacBrive Vallée de la Dordogne A getaway journey into nature. Bye bye animated streets and squares of Toulouse! The train is waiting to take you slowly to green-clad horizons, all the way to the peaceful heart of the Corrèze. On the way … the orange bricks […]

Cathedrals line, Toulouse – Rodez

Cathédrale d'Albi © CRTL Occitanie

Cathedrals line Toulouse – Rodez ToulouseGaillacAlbiRodez Towards monumental discoveries!  Basilicas and cathedrals, all of them UNESCO World Heritage Sites, will add a foretaste of great explorations to your train journey. Still amazed by the Romanesque treasures of Toulouse …  … you travel through the rolling countryside of the Tarn only to gaze up in awe […]

Canal du Midi line, Toulouse – Narbonne

Canal du Midi - Port du Somail © CRTL Occitanie / J.Damase

Canal du Midi line Toulouse – Narbonne ToulouseCastelnaudaryCarcassonneNarbonne A journey alongside a World Heritage Site  From Toulouse, enjoy a royally serene journey along a royal civil engineering structure, the Canal du Midi, commissioned by Louis the 14th, created by Pierre-Paul Riquet and admired by all to this day. Get a foretaste of Mediterranean-like landscapes as […]

Pont du Gard and Rhône line, Nîmes – Pont St Esprit

Pont du Gard © Site du Pont du Gard / A.Rodriguez

Pont du Gard and Rhône line Nîmes – Pont St Esprit NîmesVilleneuve les AvignonPont St Esprit A journey between Occitanie and Provence  From the Roman city of Nîmes, your train will head to Provence before returning to Occitanie to show you the famous Pont du Gard … … a wonder of Antique engineering, a grandiose […]