Lozère line, La Bastide-Saint-Laurent – Marvejols

Randonnée Occitanie © Gelbart

Lozère line La Bastide-Saint-Laurent – Marvejols La Bastide St LaurentMendeMarvejols A perfect itinerary for hiking  The journey starts at the border between Ardèche and Lozère and heads towards the legendary land of Gévaudan, with … … a host of beautiful excursions through trails and famous itineraries such as Stevenson’s trail.  So, make sure to take […]

Cévennes line, Langogne – Nîmes

Cévennes line Langogne – Nîmes LangogneLa Bastide St LaurentVillefortNîmes Cévennes: The great crossing   Set off on an unforgettable journey through the wide open spaces of the Cévennes, from the rushing waters of the Allier river to the Mediterranean flavours of Nîmes.  A legendary train line that was created in the 19th century where there were […]