Bastides line, Toulouse – Figeac

Cordes sur Ciel - Tarn © P.Thébault / CRTL Occitanie

Bastides line Toulouse – Figeac ToulouseLisle-sur-TarnGaillacCordes-sur-CielNajacVillefranche-de-RouergueCapdenacFigeac A journey through nature and heritage  From the pink façades of Toulouse to the woody hills of the Tarn and Aveyron valleys … Board the train and wind your way through timeless scenery and discover four bastides … … the Lisle-sur-Tarn, Cordes sur Ciel, Najac and Villefranche-de-Rouergue bastides. They […]

Cévennes line, Langogne – Nîmes

Cévennes line Nîmes – Langogne LangogneLa Bastide St LaurentVillefortNîmes Cévennes: The great crossing   Set off on an unforgettable journey through the wide open spaces of the Cévennes, from the rushing waters of the Allier river to the Mediterranean flavours of Nîmes. A legendary train line that was created in the 19th century where there were […]

Mediterranean line, Nîmes – Perpignan

Argelès-sur-Mer © S.Ferrer

Mediterranean line Nîmes – Perpignan NîmesMontpellierVilleneuve-Lès-MagueloneSèteAgdeBéziersNarbonneLeucate-la-FranquiSalsesRivesaltesPerpignan A long journey with a warm sand fragrance.  The train will take you on a journey that can last up to 15 days: from Nîmes to Perpignan, via Montpellier, a landmark Mediterranean city. After your stopover in Montpellier, head for Gare Saint-Roch to continue your journey. You’re already on […]

Camargue line, Nîmes – Le Grau du Roi

Le Grau du Roi © Uncle Sam

Camargue line Nîmes – Le Grau du Roi NîmesAigues-MortesLe Grau-du-Roi Pink flamingos and beaches  Embark on a journey that will take you across part of the Camargue through marsh and reed: bulls and horses, Costières de Nîmes wines raised on sandy dunes …  … not to mention the flamingos, whose pink hues reflect the salty […]

Vermeille Coast line, Perpignan – Cerbère

Réserve sous-marine de Cerbère-Banyuls © Didier Fioramonti

Vermeille Coast line Perpignan – Cerbère PerpignanArgelès-sur-merColliourePort-VendresBanyulsCerbère A panoramic view of the Mediterranean  The line starts in Perpignan, then crosses the Roussillon plain that fades into the blue of the sea. The train’s magnificent route hugs the bays and coves of the Vermeille coast. Panoramic views, with the sea at arm’s length … This is […]