SIMORRE , Gers – Patrimonio cultural

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Charming village, with its fortified church, its old central hall, museum, half-timbered houses and corbels, its shady squares and fairgrounds. Simorre surprises and delights.

History: The village with picturesque streets astonishes especially for its impressive fortified church that arises between the roofs of houses and giving the impression of a journey to the heart of the Middle Ages. After a devastating fire in 1141, the village, formerly capital of Astarac, was rebuilt around the abbey and the whole was strengthened in the twelfth century. To resist the Count of Astarac, abbots constantly improved their abbey which have a cloister, an octagonal tower and extended to the west.

The Abbey Church, architectural gems:
A masterpiece of bricks. Dedicated to Notre Dame, she was raised on the site of the previous church which may spread further west because of the work done in 1900 unearthed remains of building an extension of the current nave.
Major restoration work was carried out between 1844 and 1858 under the direction of Viollet-le-Duc. The roof, which covered the walls was lowered so as to rest directly on the arches and battlements was established around the building.



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