Luchon The queen of the Pyrenees

Luchon, station de Superbagneres

Luchon, station de Superbagneres, CRT Occitanie / P.Thébault

La Fête des Fleurs de Luchon

Fête des Fleurs de Luchon, D Viet / CRT Occitanie


Luchon, D Viet / CRT Occitanie

Why visit Luchon?

  • The lively Pyrenean town's Belle Epoque style.
  • Views from Superbagnères of the "3000+ peaks" in the Pyrenees and Aneto.
  • Hikes to the best Pyrenean lakes from the Valleys of La Pique, Oueil and Arboust.
  • Hospice de France on the Santiago de Compostela route.
Cartographie Luchon

Cartographie Luchon


Soak up the magic of a Belle Epoque town

Luchon, "the queen of the Pyrenees", lies in a majestic landscape where the Pyrenees reign supreme.

This spa town has held onto its elegant Belle Epoque architecture. Walk around the Allées d’Etigny, the beating heart of town, then have a leisurely stroll to the Spa area. It unfurls in the age-old Quinconces Park.

Stylish villas, plush hotels, a casino and Italian-style theatre revive the splendour of a town popular with the world's greats from Napoleon III to Gustave Flaubert.

Ville Belle Epoque

Luchon ville Belle Epoque, D Viet

Great ideas for Luchon

Head to Luchon, #GrandSiteOccitanie, for a sporty natural destination! Here are the top tips from speed skier Bastien Montès.

Well worth a visit

The Luchon region in the heart of the Central Pyrenees has 18 peaks exceeding 3000m!

If you're looking for breath-taking views then head to the Superbagnères mountain pass or the Balès mountain pass over Bourg d’Oueil.

Well worth a visit

Use Luchon as your base and feast your eyes: here and there you'll see churches, chapels, watchtowers and an entire cross-border heritage awaits in La Pique, Oueil and Arboust Valleys.

Randonnée depuis Luchon

Randonnée depuis Luchon, D Viet

Hikes and sports

Tackle the mountain

There are 400km of signposted trails around Luchon for leisurely walks or lengthy hikes. Soak up the stunning scenery in La Pique Valley, Oueil Valley, and  Lys Valley where you'll come face to face with the Cascade d'Enfer (Hell's Waterfall). Climb up to Oô Lake, one of the most picturesque mountain lakes in the Central Pyrenees. Follow the Tour de France competitors' tyre marks on a bike trek.

Take an 8 min cable car ride from central Luchon to Superbagnères ski resort in winter.

Border stop

Experience the Hospice de France's rich history

The Hospice de France is an age-old rite of passage between France and Spain 12km south of Luchon. It's seen countless people, from pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostela to Spanish Republicans during the Retirada, pass through it at an altitide of 1380m since the 18th century. The site has been fully renovated in an awe-inspiring setting of waterfalls, pastures and forests. It's open for overnight stays, meals or trips to its little museum.

L'Hospice de France

L'Hospice de France, D Viet

Useful informations

The Hospice de France can be reached by car from April to November. It is the start point for legendary hikes: Port de Vénasque, Chemin de la Frèche and Cirque de la Glère.

How to get there

  • By car: from the A64, junction 17 (Montréjeau), then N125 and D125. Toulouse is 140km away, Bordeaux is 340km away, Montpellier is 380km away.
  • By plane: from Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées (90km) or Toulouse Blagnac Airport (140km).
  • By train: daily connections with Toulouse. The last section (Montréjeau-Luchon) is now by bus. In winter you can take a Skirail from Toulouse.

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