Agde - Pézenas 15 centuries of history

Cap d'Agde - vue bord de mer

Cap d'Agde - vue bord de mer

Cap d'Agde - Port

Cap d'Agde - Port, E Hupin

Cap d'Agde - Visiteurs

Cap d'Agde - Visiteurs, E Hupin



Why visit Adge and Pézenas?

  • The UNESCO Canal du Midi site in Agde.
  • Château Laurens and the Ephèbe Museum in Agde.
  • Molière's legacy in Pézenas.
  • Agde and Pézenas both approved by the "Ville et Métiers d'Art" accreditation.
  • Pézenas approved by the "Pays d'art et d'histoire" accreditation.
Cartographie Agde Pézenas

Cartographie Agde Pézenas, F. Duvernoy/ CRT Occitanie

Start with the Canal du Midi's round lock

And step into Agde, the "Mediterranean's black pearl"

Visit the last working round lock in France, built in 1676 in the Canal du Midi in Agde. Boats come here from 3 sides all at once!

Next head to Château Laurens, a fabulous example of Art Nouveau, then visit Agde: one of France's oldest towns of Greek origin. Its old town is built out of black volcanic rock from Mont Saint-Loup and is remarkably uniform.
Wander through its maze of picturesque lanes and stop at its artist studios.

Whilst you're in Agde, go as far as the Grau d’Agde fishing port and gaze out to sea at Brescou Fort.

Écluse ronde d'Agde

Écluse ronde d'Agde, Eric Brendle

Great ideas for Agde - Pézenas

Heading to Agde and Pézenas, a #GrandSiteOccitanie, nestled between the coast and the hinterland, this area boasts incredible vineyards as well as towns bursting with a rich heritage. Top tips from winemaker Gersende de Saint-Exupery.

With children

43km of bike paths await! Plus it's all flat along the Canal du Midi that runs through Agde or the Hérault to Cap d'Agde's beaches.

The must see museum

The Greek Ephebe Museum

Cap d'Agde's Greek Ephebe: a local lad. He was found on the Hérault riverbed opposite the cathedral. His origins remain unknown. You can see him for yourself at the Ephèbe Museum in Cap d’Agde. He's joined by the best French collection of ancient bronze pieces gathered from the ocean depths.

As for the Ephebe, it's the only bronze from the time of Alexander the Great to be discovered in French waters.

Musée de l'Ephèbe Grec

Musée de l'Ephèbe Grec, Le mont qui domine

Naviguez sur le Canal du Midi

Naviguez sur le Canal du Midi, Eric Brendle

Take a boat trip on the Canal du Midi

The Canal du Midi starts a few leagues upstream from the Agde round lock at the Pont des Onglous on Thau Lake: two large stone piers mark the start of the voyage.

Fancy an adventure? Do you want to listen to the crickets sing you a lullaby as you gaze at the stunning vineyards along the Canal? Hire a boat in Agde for a day or two, a week or a fortnight.

If you'd rather someone else took the helm then go on a cruise for a few hours setting off from Agde.

Did you known?

The sea resort of Cap d’Agde appeared in the 60s and is listed as 20th century heritage because of its Saint-Martin neighbourhood and large port looking out to sea. See everything it has to offer on a self-guided walk.

Continue your adventure in Pezenas

And follow in Molière's footsteps in the lanes…

And follow in Molière's footsteps in the lanes… Ask for the treasure hunt at Tourist Information to see another side to Pézenas. Solve the mysteries as you explore the streets and squares lined with beautiful mansions. Molière spent his youth here. He stopped here, at his friend the barber's shop, now home to the little Boby Lapointe Museum.

Molière regularly stayed in Pézenas with his touring theatre company, l’Illustre Théâtre, between 1646 and 1655. Close your eyes and you'll see his cheerful gang in front of the Vulliod-Saint-Germain Museum which is home to his favourite chair.


Molière, Nicolas Mignard

Pezenas is all about art

Visit master craftsmen and luxury homes

Wander through Pézenas' little lanes brought to life by countless craftsmen. Meet the wood turner, milliner, ironmonger, jewellers, potters... They have their own home: the Maison des Métiers d’Art based in the stunning chamber of commerce in the town centre.
During your trip you can gaze at the courtyards and fabulous staircases at 17th century mansions that haven't changed much since Molière's time.

Pézenas - office du tourisme

Pézenas - office du tourisme

Our favorite

The Mirondela dels Arts presents street shows, entertainment, exhibitions, dance, music and theatre all summer long in Pézenas. Molière is on the agenda, naturally!

How to get there

Pézenas is 30 mins north of Agde on the D13 or the D612.

  • By car: take the A9 Lyon/Barcelona (Agde-Bessan exit) or A75 Paris/Béziers (Pézenas exit).
  • By train: Béziers (25km) or Agde train stations.
  • By coach: direction connections by Hérault Transport to Pézenas from Montpellier and Béziers.
  • By plane: from Montpellier (60km) or Béziers airport (25km).

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