Canyoning in the Ariège Département an unforgettable day!

Le canyon de Marc en Ariège

Canyoning en Ariège, ADT Ariège

Canyoning en Ariège

Canyoning en Ariège, ADT Ariège

Expérience Ariège - canyon de Marc, carte


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  • The splendid setting of the Marc valley
  • The turquoise waters of the canyons in Ariège

the best period

Summer and Autumn


1 day

Imagine... swimming in turquoise waters at the foot of the Pyrenees in the Ariège, walking through wonderful countryside that is breathtakingly beautiful, and really absorbing surroundings that are so full of contrasts... The Ariège Département is an unspoilt area, with clear, pure waters that have a living force. Even so, canyoning is something that everyone can try, from beginners to experts! Don't hesitate – have a go!


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Try out the activity gently

To join this expedition that is likely to surprise everyone – go and join the instructors in the little Marc Valley. You will go through Auzat, a delightful, typical village. Not much time to stop now, but make sure you stop on the way back! The stone houses, with slate roofs, and especially, flowers everywhere!

The welcome is like the people of Ariège: warm. A coffee, and a word of welcome. The instructors are really nice, and will tell you what you need to know: about health matters, how self-confident you are, concerns, experience – what you need to reassure you! Before leaving, there's a short briefing on the equipment (very good quality): appropriate footwear, neoprene wetsuit, etc and information about the course – approach, water level, topography, duration, etc. After these initial explanations, on with the wetsuit, the harness and the helmet, to set out on the hike to the starting point (approx 20 mins).

Une aventure au pied des Pyrénées ariégeoises

Canyon de Marc en Ariège, ADT Ariège


What to bring: closed shoes that fit the feet closely (trainers) and a swimsuit (avoid swim shorts), and have hair tied back.What's provided: neoprene wetsuit, harness with technical climbing gear, helmet. 

Like children on a toboggan!

What is certain, is that as soon as you start, you will quickly understand that the surroundings have been shaped in every way by the river.
Keep your eyes wide open!  After the first slides and toboggans, comes the moment for the rappel descent that many of you will have been waiting for (unlike the great jump, that many will be dreading!)

Les toboggans

Canyoning en Ariège, ADT Ariège

Prêts pour le saut ?

Canyoning en Ariège, ADT Ariège

And here comes the rappel descent!

The technical approach to this descent brings its share of thrills. Coming all the way down a wall to end up in a hole full of water – original idea, isn't it? The instructor is always there to reassure you. He manages any physical problems as well as apprehension due to stress! This rappel (the longest) is 19 metres long!

Descente en rappel

Canyoning en Ariège, ADT Ariège

Did you know?

In the Ariège Département, you will find a good number of providers offering canyoning, and some are listed as "Qualité Outdoor". This is a commitment to quality that will definitely not let you down!

Find the whole list here

AAaaaahh !

Canyoning en Ariège, ADT Ariège

Added to this, a bit further on down the course, there is a zip wire 10 metres above the torrent that give you a bit of height before you throw yourself into the water! (you may get a bit cold!)

Our favourite

It's the most remarkable canyon in the Ariège Département! It is adapted and equipped so that everyone can enjoy it in complete safety. Located above the village of Marc, the River Artigue provides all the obstacles that you find in a canyon: jumps, rappel descents, zip wires, toboggans, basins, and so on.

The setting is so extraordinary

It's magical to be surrounded by these rocks and mountains! Those who love nature are well provided for ... what is great about the Ariège Département? The change of scenery; peace and calm, and magnificent landscapes!

Throughout the activity you will be told great stories, about the canyons, the plants, the colour of the different rocks, the why, the how, etc. You will learn everything, while having fun: good techniques, the basis of the region's topography, tourist info about the area – it will really make you want to come back and find out even more…

Le canyon de Marc

Le canyon de Marc en Ariège, ADT Ariège

Dans les Pyrénées ariégeoises

Canyoning en Ariège, ADT Ariège

And now – time for the final jump!

If you have vertigo, you'll think "It's not that easy..."! 8 metres up?? Terrifying! A real sensation of freedom – you want to come back and do it a million times! The pleasure of wide-open nature in the turquoise waters of the river.
At last, you arrive level with the Pont, below the Marc Holiday Village, and you'll feel so sorry it's over. Having said that, part of you is relieved and looking forward to a good night's sleep when you get back, to calm down after all this excitement!
A day spent discovering so many new things! A fabulous, fast-flowing experience, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere! Pure fun!

(As a bonus, perhaps you will have your photo taken at the bottom, to keep as a souvenir of your memorable excursion!)

Chute d'eau dans le canyon

Canyon de Marc en Ariège, ADT Ariège

Le saut final

Canyoning en Ariège, ADT Ariège

Useful information

Must be a minimum of 12 years old. Must have minimum height 145cm and minimum weight 40kg.  Maximum weight 120kg. Be able to swim 25 metres and put your head underwater. Be in good physical condition and have no medical reasons not to go canyoning. Have no fear of heights

How to get there?

  • By car : Marc (departure point for the hike) is 1½ hrs south of Toulouse. From Toulouse: A66 motorway towards Foix/Andorre. From Foix: Route Nationale road N20 towards Tarascon. After Tarascon, go towards Auzat (D8).
  • By air : arrive at Toulouse Blagnac International Airport, then route by car as above.

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