Excursions on foot In Occitania, hiking is king

Parc National des Pyrénées

Parc National des Pyrénées, Patrice THEBAULT

Parc nturel régional de la Narbonnaise

Parc nturel régional de la Narbonnaise, Claude CRUELLS - Grand Narbonne Tourisme

The pleasure of walking, of taking to the trails, or getting back to nature! In the Pyrenees, around Toulouse, Conques or Moissac: there is nowhere in Occitania without hiking trails. A dense network to delight anyone pulling on their walking shoes.

Wide-Open Spaces and Trails Galore

In Occitania, walking is a great pleasure

What you will enjoy most of all in our region, is the space left to nature, to fauna and flora, and country life. The space devoted to trails will bring beauty and richness to your holiday.

Wherever you go in Occitania, at the heart of Toulouse or in the middle of the Cévennes, you will always find a great place to walk. Our region is covered by a network of 40,000 km of trails signposted in yellow, green or blue. There will always be one or more close to hand!

Montagne groupe randonneurs Hautes-pyrénées

Montagne groupe randonneurs Hautes-pyrénées, ©Richard Sprang - Ouvert au Public - CRTL Occitanie


Even for a hike lasting only an hour, set off in trainers or hiking shoes, waterproof clothing and with a flask of water.

Short Hiking Trails

A wide choice, from family outings to expert routes

Enjoy a great hike with:
- The "Promenade et Randonnée "(PR®) trails: over 1,000 PR® walking and hiking trails are listed in Occitania, from very easy to difficult levels and from 1 hour to 7 hours of walking.
- Hiking trails around the major sites of Occitania: these are short hiking and walking trails (PR®) that we have selected for their interesting features and their location near a major site.


Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges, D.Viet / CRT Occitanie

A Walk Around the Major Sites of Occitania

An original way to explore some exceptional sites

Leaving from Gavarnie, near Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert or the Millau viaduct: with our selection of PR® short walks around the major sites of Occitanie, varying viewpoints and exclusive panoramas over these outstanding sites are on offer. You can see the landscapes, the villages, vineyards, castles, local heritage and everything going up to make the unique character of these major sites and surrounding regions.

See the route details on the website of the Regional Committee for Hiking in Occitania.

Parc naturel régional des Pyrénées Catalanes

Parc naturel régional des Pyrénées Catalanes, Paul DELGADO


The Tourist Offices and accommodation owners will very often be the first to let you know about the best walks to enjoy during your holiday or weekend in Occitania.

Select a Department

And stock up on hiking ideas

On the Department Committee Tourism websites, you will find plenty of idea for rides with practical route sheets to download!
For example, take a look at Aveyron, Ariège, Gers, Hérault, Lot, Lozère, Pyrénées-Orientales, Tarn and Tarn-et-Garonne.

Lozère, GR chemin Urbain V - Couple de Randonneurs

Lozère, GR chemin Urbain V - Couple de Randonneurs

Fort Saint Elme Collioure

Fort Saint Elme Collioure, CRTL OCCITANIE

Preserved and ever-changing natural settings

The Gers valleys or big limestone valleys (causses), Pyrenean forests or the Mediterranean coast: you will make your way through changing landscapes, bringing variety even to a two-hour walk.

Most of the trails are selected for their environmental (flora, fauna, panoramas) or historic interest (heritage, legends, traditions). The paths are well maintained and avoid busy roads, giving pride of place to nature (earth or sand, grass, stone).


"Anyone who can do 8 km in 1 day can do 20 km in 2 days" (local proverb). Why not set off for an adventure on our major hiking trails? Legendary GR trails, along the Way of Saint James…


The "Marque Parc" hiking trails: follow the guide

Set off on the guided "Marque Parc" trails in the Ariège Pyrenees regional nature park. The "Marque Parc" label is a guarantee you can walk safely along trails in an exceptional area with professional nature guides who love their region.

Video 6 :13 © Parc naturel régional des Pyrénées ariégeoises.

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  • By car: Occitania has a large number of motorways (A9, A20, A61, A75, etc.).
  • By plane: the region has several airports, including the international airports of Toulouse, Montpellier and Lourdes.
  • By train: the region is accessible from all the major cities of France and the European capitals..