Amazing encounters
at the heart of the Gers countryside

Campagne du gers

Campagne du gers, Collection Tourisme Gers/Fiets (wandel) contreien

Carte de Samatan


  • Electric bike hire: €25 per day
  • Lunch: Menu €17.50
    (entrée-main course-dessert, wine and coffee included)


  • Samatan : "Marché au gras" market (poultry and foie gras) – listed as "one of the 10 finest markets in France"
  • Samatan : "Station Verte" (Natural Tourist Area) and Station Pêche (Fishing Resort)
  • Simorre : Picturesque village with its Abbey church

the best period

Spring, Summer, and Autumn


1 day

It is with "slow tourism" in mind that I suggest you spend a day at the pace of the countryside... but not just any countryside! A living countryside, rejoicing in tastes, colours, full of life and all sorts of natural riches and heritage features. Off we go!

The essential Foie Gras

My journey starts at Samatan, also known as the "Mecca of foie gras". Here, each Monday you must be at "Matin'halles". This is what the poultry and foie gras markets are called in the Gers Département. 

I walk up and down the rows of stalls where these noble products share the limelight. I overhear recipes being murmured, as well as other advice about preparing food – my mouth is already watering...

Marché au gras de Samatan

Marché au gras de Samatan

Anything else?

What am I going to have with these divine birds? A little detour into the next hall will sort me out! The local producers' stalls are groaning with seasonal produce. Here is real taste! The hardest thing is choosing...

Le marché se prépare...

Le marché se prépare..., Collection Tourisme Gers/CDT32/Carossio Michel

Sur les étals du marché

Sur les étals du marché, Collection Tourisme Gers/CDT32

Between tradition and authenticity

A stone's throw away, there are no less than 200 street vendors and 80 local shopkeepers and traders who fill our eyes with colours and our tastebuds with flavours.

The accent, the smiles, the humour, and so on, all contribute to the authentic atmosphere which makes this gourmet stroll so enjoyable. You say hello, you have a chat and do some shopping in a friendly atmosphere. Welcome to Gers, the land of good things to eat!

Marché au gras de Samatan

Marché au gras de Samatan

Sit down!

All this has given me an appetite! My basket full, I go looking for somewhere to have lunch. Not far from there, I decide to go into La Table d'Olivier. This restaurant is like an old brasserie, with a décor that's as cosy as it is modern. The Chef works with fresh, seasonal produce. I discover a delicate, refined cuisine, and from the first mouthful I'm really enjoying it.

A table !

A table !

La Table d'Olivier

La Table d'Olivier

She talks about it

Crystal, Toulouse

« We generally go there on Mondays for lunch after being at the local market. I advise you to book a table on those days. As for me, I'm enjoying a duck carpaccio that is as exquisite to taste as it is beautiful to look at »   

Repas en terrasse

Repas en terrasse

A timeless, relaxing break

200m from the centre of the village, towards the green oasis of Samatan Lake. From the Hôtel Club Les Rivages, I gaze at the uninterrupted view of the lake, while enjoying a coffee on the terrace. Time stops ... refreshment guaranteed! Having filled up with coffee, I'm already on the trail of hiring an electric bike and escaping along the local tracks.

Balade en VAE

Balade en VAE

Lac de Samatan

Lac de Samatan © Collection Tourisme Gers

Modern art in the heart of nature

Saddle up! Off I go on a 52km trip to explore nature and art. The characteristic valleys of the Gers line my route, before I meet up with two works of environmental art as big as they are surprising. "Yané", in the village of Villefranche and "Kasé" at Saint-Elix-d'Astarac, close by. Real artistic performances demanding a response from our imagination.

Land'Art à Saint Elix d'Astarac

Land'Art à Saint Elix d'Astarac

Land'Art à Villefranche

Land'Art à Villefranche

Worth the detour

The Sauveterre orientation table

It's the highlight, not to be missed on any account! The Sauveterre orientation table offers a viewpoint over the whole of the Pyrenees mountain chain, over 1600m high, that is magnificent and unique in France. Incredible beauty...

Under the spell of the village of Simorre

On my route, I stop by Simorre. An untypical village that surprises and delights me. Along its picturesque little streets, half-timbered houses and shady plots are revealed to me and invite me to visit.

The Paysan d'Émile Museum

The Paysan d'Émile Museum : For real encounters with people from round here! I am talking about passionate volunteers who bring the countryside of yesteryear to life for us, putting today's landscape in context.


Looming up over the roofs of the houses, a remarkable fortified church gives the impression that it will offer a way straight back into the Middle Ages. A visit is essential!



And now music!

Now it's time for me to award myself a well-deserved rest. In the village square, I make a great find: the Le Bouche à Oreille café-restaurant. A cultural bistro, gastronomy with market produce and natural wines – this is an attractive prospect that I would find hard to resist!

While I enjoy a glass of wine from the Gers, I hear some notes of music – a concert is being prepared. In the heart of this village, full of life, the evening has only just begun. I get on the road, my head full of memories... What a day – one I won't forget in a hurry...

Place du village - Simorre

Place du village - Simorre

Soirée concert au Bouche à Oreille

Soirée concert au Bouche à Oreille © A. Cougnenc

She talks about it

Jocelyne, Bordeaux

«Une charmante petite place et un café de village pas comme les autres non plus. Profitez du lieu, de la musique, de la cuisine succulente, des "gens" tout simplement, car ici il y a seulement du VRAI ! Un havre de bonheur où il serait impensable de ne pas retourner. »

Our suggestions Voici les bonnes adresses de Fiona (Tourisme Gers) pour vivre pleinement votre expérience au coeur de la campagne du Gers.


  • By car : Samatan is about 50 minutes from Toulouse. From Toulouse, take the N124 towards the D634 at L'Isle-Jourdain. Take the D634 exit and go towards the D4 to Samatan.
  • By air : arrive at Toulouse Blagnac International Airport. Then travel by car as listed above.

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