Local experiences and encounters

Marché de Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val © Lauriane Donzelli / CRTL Occitanie

The culture and locals themselves make "Sud-Ouest Authentique" France a famously welcoming and unspoilt destination. No trip here would be complete without mingling with farmers, craftsmen and locals at farms or studios, traditional events, weekly markets and food markets. Take your experience to the next level and stay with a local. Make memories and new friends as you get together at tables d’hôtes and stay in beautiful guestrooms, farm villas and quirky places surrounded by nature. 

Farmer's markets 

To enjoy all year round

Every day is a new opportunity to experience the buzz of a farmer’s market, no matter the time of year! Get a warm welcome at the thriving Samatan market on Monday morning, one of few selling live poultry and the classic duck/foie gras market in winter.

The bastide of Villeréal is the place to be on Saturday morning to pick up the best seasonal produce in the fantastic medieval market hall. Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val comes to life on Sundays and regulars join newcomers to chat to producers, browse goods on narrow lanes and people watch on the terrace at Place de la Halle.  

Food markets

Summer pleasures

The squares in towns and villages like Lauzerte, Lectoure and Nérac are decked out in fairy lights, long tables and stands in summer as musicians conjure up a whimsical party atmosphere to bring visitors and locals together for a dance.

Marché de nuit © Patrice Thébault / CRTL Occitanie

Fine crafts

Precious memories

If you really want to get to grips with the destination and its history, then you have to meet the passionate local artisans making precious traditional items and keeping their legacy alive. It’s a golden opportunity to take home a keepsake made right here… the ultimate souvenir.
Visit the milliners in Caussade and pick out a straw hat that will become your holiday go-to and ooze French chic in your holiday snaps.

Accessorise your outfit with a beautiful blue scarf in instantly recognisable, vibrant Bleu de Lectoure woad or feast your eyes on cool retro tiles with a lacy design at Atelier des Loys in Villeréal.