A heritage of character

Montauban © CRTL Occitanie / D.Viet

The "Sud-Ouest Authentique" is full of lovely country villages and small towns with medieval lanes, local markets and traditional architecture. Soak up the local, peaceful and unspoilt atmosphere as you gaze at untouched medieval architecture and stroll through villages. The destination is also home to countless bastides including Lauzerte and Monflanquin. Bastides are small towns or villages built in the Middle Ages. Some of them are fortified and based on a checkerboard layout around a main square surrounded by covered walkways and arcades. 


The capital of Gascony!

The ancient Gallo-Roman town has lots going for it. Starting with Sainte-Marie Cathedral that’s listed as a UNESCO site as part of the Way of Saint James: its staggering stained glass, two organs, choir and stalls are certainly not to be missed!
Exploring Auch old town means venturing up the 354 steps to say hello to the statue of D’Artagnan at the top, popping into Henri IV’s house or hitting the “pousterles”, very steep little lanes that are... staggering! Treat yourself to a leisurely stroll along the Gers riverbanks and countless gardens, such as the stunning Square Cuzin.

Are you a culture vulture? Auch is the place for you with its Musée des Amériques – Auch, famous for having the second biggest collection of Pre-Columbian art in France. Check out the latest in circus entertainment at Circa. Artists from all over the world flock to its festival in October. Music, film, comedy, food festivals and more... There’s something for everyone! 
And let’s not forget the farmer’s markets, cafés, restaurants and boutiques. Auch is a country town that knows how to live! 

Auch © Viajandoconmami / CRTL Occitanie

The bastides of the "Sud-Ouest Authentique"

Also discover the bastides like Monflanquin, Lauzerte or Montréal-du-Gers, small towns or villages built in the Middle Ages.

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A Town of Art and History

... and an iconic destination (listed as a Grand Site Occitanie) full of outstanding historical sites. Its many landmarks listed as Monuments Historiques reflect its exciting history and rich architectural heritage. 
Visitors exploring Montauban can feast their eyes on buildings that ooze history and capture the milestone moments that have left their mark on the town. Prepare for incredible historical architecture such as the sleek arcades on Place Nationale and awe-inspiring Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption Cathedral. They take you on a deep dive into art and history in Montauban. 

But Montauban is more than just urban heritage. It’s just as famous for its shaded parks and gardens where you can unwind and take time out for a stroll in the heart of town. Its country paths are ideal for outings to explore the region’s leafy and calming scenery. 
Montauban is a "town in the countryside", blending the wonder and culture of a historical town with the natural beauty of its peaceful setting. Visitors of all ages can soak up the unique blend of history, lifestyle and unspoilt nature that makes Montauban a prime destination for anyone looking for a slice of the real France and worthwhile experiences. 



A treasure trove of delights

Aside from its famous prunes and legendary SUA LG rugby club, Agen is a treasure trove of delights. The Lot-et-Garonne capital is warm, friendly and the size of a postage stamp… almost: a small town where life is good and a great place to indulge in South Western food and drink. 

The old town plays host to half-timbered houses on Rue Beauville, arcades on Agen’s oldest high street, Rue des Cornières, and Haussmann-style buildings on Boulevard de la République. 
The town’s best sites and landmarks showcase its heritage in all its glory. The aqueduct over the Garonne has 23 solid stone arches and is the second longest in France. Saint-Caprais Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site that stands out for its majesty and historical importance. The Musée des Beaux-Arts houses one of the best collections of fine art in South West France inside 4 stunning Renaissance manors.   
Make a detour a few miles south of Agen to the village of Moirax: a listed Cluny site and stage on the Way of Saint James. Notre-Dame Church is all that remains of its 11th century priory. The sleek design outside is as impressive as the inside with its light-filled nave and a hundred original capitals. 

Heritage? Check. Spiritual? Check. Did we mention that Agen is famous for its food and drink too? Visit the haven of local gastronomy that is the market hall. Unspoilt flavours and local produce are the stars of the show and give visitors the chance to experience the joys of the famous Agen prune.  


Agen © Six Quatre Deux / Lot-et-Garonne Tourisme

Did you know?

Colour photography comes from Agen. Louis Ducos du Hauron grew up here and invented a three-colour process. Take a walk on Coteau de l’Ermitage and you’ll see the view immortalised in the world’s very first colour photograph by its inventor in 1877. 


A world-famous town

Moissac is a world-famous town with an exciting history and outstanding heritage that takes pride of place here. It's home to Moissac Abbey and its cloister listed as UNESCO World Heritage as part of the Way of Saint James. The abbey was founded in the 9th century and was a magnet for pilgrims and visitors from all over the world for hundreds of years. 
The jewel of Moissac is undoubtedly its cloister. It was built in 1100AD and its four arcades are adorned by 76 stunning sculpted capitals.

Moissac’s natural setting is just as impressive as its religious heritage. The town’s pretty harbour makes it the perfect base for trips on the Canal de Garonne, an extension of the Canal du Midi, with peaceful landscapes and outstanding engineering structures such as the aqueduct and Moulin de Moissac along the way. 

Take a walk on the banks of the canal and Tarn River to visit a unique architectural site in the region: the Art Deco-style Uvarium (a place where you drink wine and grape juice). 
Moissac is also the fruit capital of Tarn-et-Garonne, famous for its AOP Chasselas grapes.

What with outstanding heritage, unspoilt nature and culinary traditions, you can count on a memorable and exciting visitor experience in Moissac. 


Moissac © Les Baroudeurs Liégeois / CRTL Occitanie

Visitor highlight

Auch Cathedral and La Romieu Collegiate Church are also UNESCO sites as part of the Way of Saint James.