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Canal des Deux Mers à vélo © Patrice Thébault / CRTL Occitanie

"Sud-Ouest Authentique", this leafy and hilly destination, is popular for being a slice of “Douce France” and stands out for its nature and unspoilt scenery. Hills covered with sunflowers and fields with corn in summer, russet forests in autumn, blooming orchards in spring, wild rivers and sun-drenched plains in winter make it the perfect playground for outdoor activities: hikes, bike rides and leisurely boat trips.

The icons

On foot, by bike, by boat, on horseback

  • The Way of Saint James: the oldest way on this age-old pilgrimage route runs through the destination and walkers flock to it from spring to autumn.
  • Le Canal des 2 mers à vélo: the biggest bike path in South West France takes cyclists through Tarn-et-Garonne and Lot-et-Garonne. This route provides an idyllic outing in the shade of 100 year old plane trees along the Canal de Garonne, visiting famous towns and villages including Montauban, Moissac, Agen and Marmande.
  • You can explore the Vallée de la Baïse by bike or by boat sailing between pretty little ports.
  • Horse riding visitors will soon be able to experience the European Route d’Artagnan on an exciting adventure, following in the famous musketeer’s hoof prints from Lupiac. 

The best eco-tourism sites

And nature spots 

The destination is a natural treasure trove with the best in local flora and fauna where the Tarn and Garonne meet in Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave, in the Landes Forest or along the Adour River home to the European pond turtle, birds pine trees and more.  

The most remarkable gardens

Exotic or medieval

Palmeraie du Sarthou and Jardins de Coursiana, Jardin des Nénuphars Latour Marliac in Temple-sur-Lot (home to the oldest fish farm and the brand new botanical cabinet of curiosities in tribute to its inventor), Jardin du Pélerin in Lauzerte, Jardins de Quercy and many more outstanding spots to soak up the greenery in lush and leafy havens. 

Tèrra Aventura treasure hunts

A family favourite

This is the kind of hike that everyone will like. Get everyone together for a fun-filled outing and meet the Poï’z, the cheeky little ambassadors for these outdoor treasure hunts. Medieval, nature, craftsmanship, legend… each one has its own speciality. Their puzzles introduce you to local heritage gems on a 1-6km walk.

Finding them is simple: just download the free Tèrra Aventura app to your smartphone to begin your adventure. It’s available in several languages including English and Spanish.