Rocamadour - Dordogne Valley Heritage and nature in perfect harmony


Rocamadour, Rocamadour

Vallée de la Dordogne

Vallée de la Dordogne, D.Viet / CRT Occitanie

Châteaux de la vallée de la Dordogne (château de Montal)

Châteaux de la vallée de la Dordogne (château de Montal), D.Viet / CRT Occitanie

Gouffre de Padirac

Gouffre de Padirac, D.BUTAYE - SES de Padirac

Why visit Rocamadour and the Dordogne Valley?

  • Rocamadour, a holy clifftop city.
  • The Dordogne Valley's villages: Bretenoux, Saint-Céré, Souillac, Gramat plus Autoire, Carennac, Martel and Loubressac (listed as the Most Beautiful Villages in France).
  • Château de Castelnau-Bretenoux and Château de Montal.
  • A land approved as a Pays d’Art et d’Histoire.
  • Padirac Cave, the most famous cave in France.
Rocamadour Vallée de la Dordogne


Explore the holy town between heaven and earth

As you go round a bend in the road, Rocamadour looms before you. Whether it's day or night you're bound to be blown away. The vertical village, built in a series of stages on the clifftop, hangs 150m above the Alzou canyon. The houses, rocks and churches all look like they're part of the rock.

This village with a population of 630 is one of the most visited sites in France. You enter the village through the fortified Figuier gateway before going along Rocamadour's only street, the bustling Rue de la Couronnerie lined with shops and restaurants.


Rocamadour, CRT Occitanie_Patrice THEBAULT

Great ideas for Rocamadour

Head for Rocamadour and the Dordogne Valley, #GrandSiteOccitanie, with top tips from Romain and Adrien Castagné, two restaurant owners from the Lot.

Well worth a visit

Walk or take a ride up to the château at the top overlooking Rocamadour.  You'll have sweeping views of the town from the top of the belvedere.

In the Sanctuary

Feel the mystical power of Rocamadour

Rocamadour was first and foremost a pilgrimage hotspot. The village is home to the relics of Saint Amadour and was the revered sanctuary for the Black Madonna.

Pilgrims came from all over Europe to pray here from the 12th century. Like them, go up the great staircase's 216 steps to the Sanctuary's esplanade where you'll find 8 churches and chapels built on the cliffside. Must-sees: Notre-Dame Chapel and its statue of the Black Madonna, a small black wooden silhouette from the 12th century with an impressive halo.



Did you know?

The area in and around Rocamadour is classed as the Causses du Quercy Regional Nature Park listed as a UNESCO World Geopark.

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Dordogne valley

Step into a biosphere reserve

It takes less than half an hour to reach the Dordogne Valley from Rocamadour. From Sousceyrac in the east to Souillac in the west (approx. 60km), follow the twists and turns lined with cliffs and a thick leafy curtain dotted with sandy islands and quiet little pebble beaches.

The Dordogne is rich in flora and fauna and the only river in France whose basin is listed as a UNESCO biosphere reserve. You can swim in its clear water, go fishing, canoeing or have a walk or bike ride on the banks.

Vallée de la Dordogne

Vallée de la Dordogne, D.Viet / CRT Occitanie

Don't miss

Go 103m underground! Padirac Cave is one of the greatest geological curiosities in France. Gaze at its vast galleries and huge concretions by boat or on foot.

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Dordogne valley

Enter a dreamworld as you visit its villages and châteaux

You don't need to leave your natural haven to visit the magical Dordogne Valley villagesBretenoux, a lovely 13th century bastide; Saint-Céré overlooked by Château de Saint-Laurent-les-Tours which is home to the Jean Lurçat Museum and not forgetting Souillac and Gramat.

You'll also fall in love with the villages listed as some of the most beautiful in France: Autoire, Loubressac, Martel and its medieval houses, Carennac (visit Château des Doyens, Saint-Pierre Church and its cloister).
Other must-sees: the castles of Montal and Castelnau-Bretenoux.


Carennac, D.Viet / CRT Occitanie


Get on board an authentic steam train in Martel and take the railway partly dug into the cliff overlooking the entire Dordogne Valley like a balcony. Spectacular views and thrills guaranteed.

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Expert's tip

The Dordogne is a must-see canoeing spot in the south of France. Follow Cathy, our Lot Tourism expert: she gives you her tips for a magical canoeing experience between Gluges and Pinsac (19 km of happiness!).

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How to get there?

Rocamadour and the Dordogne Valley are in the Lot department in the northern Occitania region 165km from Toulouse.

  • By car: 2 hrs from Toulouse on the A62 then A20 junction 56. 2 hrs 45 mins from Bordeaux on the A89 then A20 junction 54. 5 hrs 20 mins from Paris on the A10 then A71 and A20 junction 54.
  • By plane: the nearest airport is Brive/Dordogne Valley (45 mins).
  • By train: a regional train (TER) connects Rocamadour-Padirac station to Brive and Figeac.

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