Pyrénées Aure Louron The magic and truth of the mountain

Lac de Génos- Loudenvielle

Lac de Génos- Loudenvielle, D.Viet / CRT Occitanie

Détente en eau thermale à Balnéa - Génos-Loudenvielle - Hautes-Pyrénées

Détente en eau thermale à Balnéa - Génos-Loudenvielle - Hautes-Pyrénées, CRT Occitanie_Dominique VIET


Arreau, Nogrady / HPTE

Vallée du Louron, lac de Génos-Loudenvielle

Vallée du Louron, lac de Génos-Loudenvielle, HPTE / Pierre Brunet

Why visit the Aure and Louron valleys?

  • A Pays d’Art et d’Histoire on the edge of Spain.
  • Arreau, the key to 2 valleys on the Santiago de Compostela (Jézeau Church and Aragnouet Templar Chapel listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites).
  • Pastoral traditions and real mountain villages.
  • The Néouvielle mountain range on the edge of the Pyrenees National Park (Néouvielle national reserve, Aulon regional reserve).
  • 100 lakes, Aspin mountain pass (legendary Tour de France pass), Bielsa gateway to Aragon.
  • Thermal water spa facilities.
Cartographie Vallées d'Aure et du Louron

Aure and Louron valleys

Plan your heritage tour

With Arreau as the capital, the Aure and Louron Valleys unveil their fifty-odd traditional villages. Sarrancolin, Ancizan, Guchen, Sailhan and more will all win you over with their architectural heritage. It has gained from fruitful trades with Spain that's now even closer with the Aragnouet-Bielsa tunnel.

Everywhere you'll see slate-roofed farms, hay barns, watchtowers and Roman churches such as Jézeau Church and its 16th century frescoes and Aragnouet Templar Chapel, a jewel of Roman art.

Chapelle des templiers d'Aragnouet

Chapelle des templiers d'Aragnouet, Llann Wé

Great ideas for Pyrenees Aure Louron

Head for the Pyrenees-Aure-Louron, #GrandSiteOccitanie, in the heart of wild mountain reserves and treasured heritage just a stone's throw from Spain. Safia-Lise, nature lover and trail runner, shares her top tips.

Don't miss

Take your time exploring Arreau, a small town with character. It is surrounded by mountains, has two rivers running through it, oozes charm and awaits visitors at its fun-filled Thursday market.

Néouvielle mountain range

A nature reserve that's unique in France

Hit the road between Saint-Lary and Aragnouet up to Oredon Lake, a gateway to the Néouvielle nature reserve: an extraordinary 2000 hectare garden that's been protected since 1936 and floats at an altitude of 2000m at the foot of the Pic du Néouvielle (3091m).

You can reach the reserve between June and September when there's no snow. Footpaths lined with rhododendrons lead you to this eden of crests, meadows, pine forests and lakes. The colours range from jade green to steel blue and there are 70 of them: the lakes of Orédon, Aubert, Aumar etc.

Réserve Naturelle du Néouvielle

Réserve Naturelle du Néouvielle, H.Orriols

Top tip

Park at Orédon Lake then take a shuttle bus to Aubert Lake. Have a picnic by the lake. Go back down the signposted footpath to your start point (2-2.5 hr walk): it's simply fabulous. And give people going up a boost!

Keys to unlock

The land

Head to the Arixo Museum in Loudenvielle. The interactive and innovative museum in a restored farmhouse showcases local heritage and expertise. Be sure to visit Saoussas Mill, a working flour mill museum. Or delve into the Vieille-Aure Mines.

Experience farming life in the Aure and Louron Valleys for yourself and get involved in taking the sheep to pasture. Follow the shepherds from Sailhan to the Rioumajou meadows in late May. Celebrate the summer pasture festival in Plagnet (July) and Azet (August). Pyrenean dishes and songs are on the agenda in this deeply traditional area!

Brebis des Pyrénées

Brebis des Pyrénées, D.Viet / CRT Occitanie

Vallée du Louron, station de Peyragudes

Vallée du Louron, Peyragudes, Station de Peyragudes

100% wellness and nature

Come and recharge your batteries in the Aure and Louron Valleys!

This is a great destination to unwind in with the amazing thermal spas that are Balnéa in Génos-Loudenvielle and Sensoria at the Saint-Lary thermal baths. Visit in winter too after you've been skiing in Saint-Lary-SoulanPiau-EngalyLouron Valley or Peyragudes.

Come summer, walk between the crests and forests. Go rowing on Genos-Loudenvielle Lake. Go fishing in the trout-filled Neste Rivers. Tackle the famous Aspin and Peyresourde mountain passes by bike. Climbing, rafting and canyoning are on the agenda as well as paragliding that the Louron Valley is famous for.

Our favourite

In July, the Arreau Spit Cake Brotherhood hosts a festival devoted to this delicious fir tree-shaped cake whose unusual shape is formed by a rotating spit.

How to get there

The Aure and Louron Valleys are in the centre of the Pyrenees Mountains located 60km from Tarbes and 150km from Toulouse.

  • By car: take the A65 Bordeaux/Tarbes, A20 Paris/Toulouse or A64 Toulouse/St Gaudens or Bilbao/Pau and exit at Lannemezan. Take the Aragnouet-Bielsa Tunnel from Spain.
  • By plane: from Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées and Toulouse-Blagnac Airports.
  • By train: Tarbes station has TER stops at Lannemezan then you take a bus to Arreau.

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