Lot and Dordogne line, Toulouse – Brive Dordogne Valley

Cahors - Pont Valentré © CRTL Occitanie / P.Thébault

Lot and Dordogne line Toulouse – Brive Dordogne Valley ToulouseMontaubanCaussadeCahorsSouillacBrive Vallée de la Dordogne A getaway journey into nature. Bye bye animated streets and squares of Toulouse! The train is waiting to take you slowly to green-clad horizons, all the way to the peaceful heart of the Corrèze. On the way … the orange bricks […]

Canal des Deux Mers line, Toulouse-Moissac

Canal des 2 Mers © Joël Damase

Canal des Deux Mers line Toulouse-Moissac ToulouseMontaubanMoissac A lifeline rife with history. From the rich architectural heritage of Toulouse to the exceptional Romanesque cloister in Moissac, the rail route toes the line along the Canal des Deux Mers …  … from Toulouse, it has been an extension of the Canal du Midi to the Atlantic […]