Aux Lodges du Mas de Nadal

SAULIAC SUR CELE , Lot – Buiten accommodatie


Between Cahors and Figeac in the Causses du Quercy Regional Natural Park, succumb to the charms of the area’s wealth of culture and heritage and of its unspoiled landscapes. Forget the day and the time? No problem, at the Mas de Nadal. Relax, you can really begin to live. Don’t want to be at home to anyone? Perfectly possible, at the Mas de Nadal. What a joy just to let go completely. Read a good book in the shade of a tree! walk, swim, enjoy yourself. Just the two of you together, alone in the world? Perfectly possible, at the Mas de Nadal. In sun, in shade, over a good meal. Just being there for one another. Forget about work completely? At the Mas de Nadal, stress melts away like snow in the sun. Find yourself.

Etiketten : Gîtes de France / Pré Vert

Gesproken talen : Italiaans Duits Frans Engels


  • Aantal personen : 123


  • Van lundi 1 mai 2023 tot samedi 30 septembre 2023


  • Vanaf 23€
  • Vanaf 372€
  • Vanaf 5€
  • Vanaf 23€
  • Vanaf 390€


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  • Carte bancaire
  • Contanten
  • Chèque Vacances



  • Parking autobussen
  • Elektrische aansluiting
  • Restaurants
  • Bar
  • Tafeltennis
  • Verwarmd zwembad.
  • Accès handicapés
  • Zwembad
  • Salle de réunion
  • Petanque


  • Brooddepot
  • Verhuur tenten
  • Schoonmaken met extra bijdrage
  • Picknickmanden
  • Wifi gratuit
  • Bewaking ‘s nachts
  • Terrain fermé la nuit


  • Wandeltochten
  • Speleologie
  • MTB