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Discover Cordes-sur-Ciel

Cordes-sur-Ciel is one of the most famous and oldest fortified bastide towns in the Midi-Pyrénées region. From a distance, it resembles a ball of stone coiled around its hill, the Puech de Mordagne. An absolutely magnificent site!

Cordes-sur-Ciel was founded in 1222 by the Count of Toulouse. 25 km northwest of Albi, the opulent town is full of legends and still as beautiful as in its heyday. It is an exclusively pedestrian town: a true pleasure!


Take your time exploring the town, wandering through the steep narrow streets and exceptional collection of Gothic buildings (from the 13th and 14th century). Discover...

In Cordes-sur-Ciel, you'll enjoy:

  • Admiring the sculpted (and coded, it is said) decorations on the Grand Veneur and Grand Écuyer houses.
  • Learning about the legend of the well at the covered market and its 113 meters of unfathomable mystery.
  • Meeting the craftspeople and breathing in the smell of leather and wood in their workshops.
  • Participating in the Cordes-sur-Ciel medieval festival, in July. Come in fancy dress!

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