LECTOURE , Gers – Eredità culturale

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Numerous are the characteristics of Gascony: hilly terrains, scattered isolated houses…etc. This specific scenery results in multiple visual examples. You have probably noticed one of them several times: the infamous southwestern dovecotes. They are omnipresent, but never quite similar, just like a fantasy game agreed upon by each owner.
Soupton is an octagonal stone dovecote with a spiral staircase. Usually having a simpler form and layout, this dovecote alone gives us an idea on the owner’s living standards. To see more examples, best to go on one of our 21 small hikes in Lomagne Gersoise.

A moins de 20 mn à pieds de l’arrêt LECTOURE – Ragegat Rn21 !
Environ 18 min (1549 m).

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Arrët LECTOURE – Ragegat Rn21 à moins de 20 mn