Prades - Mont Canigou 1/1


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Discover Prades

Prades is a charming village of the Pyrénées-Orientales. Nestled in lush orchards, this ancient fortified place provides spectacular panoramic views of the Canigó massif. The village, renowned for its delicious local cuisine, is the starting point to a number of hiking trails.


Historical heritage, garnet-cutting tradition, and a centre dedicated to the world-famous cellist Pablo Casals ... Prades offers visitors a wealth of highlights.

In Prades, you'll enjoy:

  • Wandering through the village's typical Conflent pink marble-clad streets
  • Visiting Prades during the Pablo Casals festival, which takes place in the magnificent Saint-Michel-de-Cuxa Abbey (3 km from Prades)
  • Taking a guided walk on the Canigó trails with Pass Canigó.

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