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Discover Mont-Louis

Mont-Louis, protected by its fortified walls, is part of the Vauban network of citadels and as such, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today, the impressive citadel is home to the CNEC - 1er choc (national commando training centre). Located in the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees regional nature park, Mont-Louis offers visitors an immersion in unspoilt beautiful landscapes, to be explored on foot or cycling.

In Mont-Louis, you'll enjoy: 

  • Entering the heart of the citadel (restricted access) on a guided tour organised by the Tourist Information Centre.
  • Shopping for fresh products (cheese, cold cuts) at the village market on Thursday mornings.
  • Discovering Mont-Louis' unusual solar oven.
  • Walking or cycling through the forests and meadows bordering the village (several trails).
  • Hiking around Bouillouses Lake, a must-see in the area.

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